About {Almost} Mrs. Morris.

I’m a city girl raised in the suburbs. Born in Tampa and moved to Atlanta just in time to start first grade. My family has lived in Atlanta ever since. A true football fanatic, my pride and alumni status resides with The University of Alabama. I spent four glorious years at The Capstone and wouldn’t have traded my time for anything. I met amazing friends, studied abroad and found out to live on my own. Post college, I moved back to the ‘A’ and started my “adult” life. Lived on my own in Dunwoody for a few years, it didn’t take long to settle in and get a corporate job. Working in Marketing/Public Relations/Event Planning is my gig. I work in technology but am one of the least tech savvy people around…funny huh? In a few weeks I’ll be marrying my best friend, Mike. We met almost 3 years ago and have been having fun and enjoying life ever since. We’ll be leaving our baby Kona (our teacup poodle) behind while we head to Hawaii for two glorious weeks to start off our marriage. We’ll come back tan, married and ready to face what life has for us head on.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to come around often and see what’s going on in my life, mind and what kind of ruckus I’m causing in the good ole ‘dirty’ South.