Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party, Party, Party let's all get....Married?!

Our engagement party went off with a hitch this past weekend! Thank you again to our parents and my brother & sis-n-law for hosting and making it everything we wanted! We should have some pictures later this week and I'll be sure to share! Mike and I got lots of fun goodies off our registries and some really cool items that were not. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate!

Just a few updates on what's going on in the bridal world here! Please note, still have yet to turn into Bridezilla :)

**I've decided on my shoes! After trying on both colors and comparing with bridesmaid dresses and really thinking hard...I've decided to go with...the blue satin ones! I think they will be just perfect for my wedding day!
**Can't find jewelry to save my life at the current moment. I know I want some earrings and some big ole pretty ones at that! I've been searching high and low for these bad boys. I've now taken the advice of another bride friend of mine (thanks, Megan) and started searching at bridal stores. So far, I've hit up Priscilla of Boston and found 2 pairs...who knew they had such nice stuff (and somewhat pricey!).

**Rehearsal Dinner is BOOKED! YAY! Thanks to Mike's mom and dad for booking this so soon and at a great location! With about 50-55 ppl that will be in attendance, we had to have a place that can hold all of us and still provide a nice and good time! It'll be held at the 173 Carlyle House , also located in historic Norcross. Mike and I will be going to a tasting on the 12th of this month to test out the food...can't wait!
**Ordered Lizzie, our flower girl, a pretty little dress! I sure hope it ships soon and fits! I can't wait to see how it looks on her!

So far things are going pretty well, as you can see. No stress, no issues and clear sailing! I sure hope that keeps up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday Favorites : Favorite Football Team

a little early this week....
I L-O-V-E football season!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Not just because the weather cools down and the leaves change, but because it's FOOTBALL SEASON! I was raised that on Saturday's in the fall, you spend your time watching ESPN and any other channel with the beloved pigskin game on. Both of my parents graduated from Florida State University (go noles) so I still root for them, however, my heart lies in Dixie with the CRIMSON TIDE!!
I graduated from the Capstone in 2006 with such pride and joy in my heart not only for my college and my education, but for my team (and all the athletic teams there too!). Not only did the Crimson Tide go undefeated this past season, but they whooped up on the FL Gators (BOOOOO) at the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship. Thanks to Keith, my best friends dad, Kerri and I got to go to the game! There is nothing better than hearing 'Yea Alabama' as the Tide takes the field to dominate another opponent!

The Tide also brought home the bacon last year with the Big National Championship...WOOOO HOOO. Here's to hoping they can do it again!

So with that, I leave you with a big ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

decisions. decisions.

I finally decided on a wedding shoe...(insert big YAY here). Except here's the hold up... I can't decide which color!

I ordered my original pair of shoes off Piperlime in the Bordo color, size 7.5. They were going to be just perfect, I knew it! However, after I had ordered this pretty shoes, my sister-in-law informed me that they had them at Nordstrom (the Perimeter location) in a gorgeous steel blue color.

A curious mind is what I have. So my mom and I sauntered on over to Nordstrom this past Sunday to check the shoes out and to make sure I liked them and to see the "other" color. Turns out there were two new issues.

1). I ordered the wrong size from Piperlime. I got a 7.5 and needed a 7.
2). I loved the blue color just as much as the color I ordered online.

The shoes from Piperlime arrived yesterday...I was hoping I didn't like the Bordo color as much as the blue to make my decision easier. WRONG! I love them both. So now I have 3 problems.

1). The ones from Piperlime are the wrong size
2). I love the blue color
3). I love the bordo color
So what's a bride to do? The blue will be perfect for the "Something Blue" and be a great compliment to my dress (which is a vanilla/ivory color and not white). The bordo color will possibly match my bridesmaid dresses I've picked and also be a compliment to my dress.

So far I'm pretty torn about which pair to keep. I mean technically I can keep both, but seems just silly. So if you were me, what would you pick?

So, I got a bike...

My fiance, Mike, is HUGE into biking and triathalons. I kid you not, he rides his bike 4-5 days a week and has already done about 8 tri's this season alone. He's got 2 more this year (including a half ironman). At first, I loathed his bike cause it got to sleep in our bedroom...no joke here. I have spent the past 1.5 years watching him train, ride and get in really good shape by riding. So, of course, when I opened my mouth about possibly wanting a bike, well...I got one.

Meet my new friend...my Specialized Dolce 'womens' road bike. She and I have only bonded twice now but I feel a good friendship is forming.
With a new bike, comes new clothes...HELLO SPANDEX!!
The first time I got on her, I fell off. A solid 10 minutes into the ride (so a solid 9 behind me of good riding, HA!). But yesterday, I took my friend out again for a ride. 7 miles and about 50 minutes later, I had burned off close to 500 calories and climbed a few hills that I was pretty impressed with myself and my new friend. Mike was very encouraging and stayed with me the whole time. I have no idea how I'll be able to ride without him, but I'm sure I'll get there. It was quite a nice time, I got to check out the awesome houses in Buckhead and focus on something other than life itself.
Looking to take her for another spin later this week and this weekend. Here's to a new thing for me to focus on. Pretty soon, I'll be competing in tri's too!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stamps cost how much?

I arrived at the post office office ready to purchase stamps for our Save the Dates. I saw some cute 'wedding related' stamps and thought oh, I must have those! $0.61 PER STAMP? Say what? I call that unreal, I also call myself stupid because I sat there and bought 3 sheets of those and 3 of the regular set of 'Forever stamps'. $63 freaking dollars later and I was set ... for now at least. I've managed to burn through all the cute wedding ones and have seriously started to ponder what stamps to use for our wedding invites. I can't even begin to think how much the stamps for those bad boys are going to cost!

But on to the real excitement...our Save the Dates! Here's a sneak peak at how they turned out!

Don't they look cute? These pretty little gems will be heading out to the depths of the US Postal Service come Monday morning! WOO - HOO!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

They're Here! They're Here!

Our good friend, Devon, over at Photosynthesis Atlanta did our Engagment pictures. We spent a night walking around Downtown Decatur to capture these shots!
Here are some of our favorites!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Picky Picky!

Wedding Shoes are my nemesis right now. I either keep seeing really pretty ones that I want but the price tag is way more than I'm willing to spend or ones that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing on my wedding day or any other day for that matter. I really want to wear something other than white or ivory shoes. My dress is ivory and my shoes just need to be different, like me.

Here are my top 3 contenders as we speak (aka as I type). Currently all the shoes I'm considering are Badgley Mischka.
Randee (in either pink or gold) Randall (in bordo)

Frank (in dark grey)

I think each of them is gorgeous and unique and would make for awesome photos (I LOVE shoe photos!) and make me feel special on my big day.
Which pair would you choose?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zedonk Fever!

It's a Zebra. It's a Donkey. No, It's a Zedonk (also known as a zonkey!). My dream to see one in person has finally come true. I MUST go to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve...and SOON! This animal is ADORABLE...zedonk ya think? {ha get it? nice play on words right?}You can read all about the little zedonk here and learn more about its home at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve here. You really should check this place out. It's pretty cheap and a great day trip for kids...I mean come on, I've been there at least 2 times!

Mike and I love zedonk's/zonkeys. Take a trip back down memory lane here to Urban Race 2010. Our team name..."Lemme Ride That Zonkey Zonkey". LOVE IT! Here's us before the race started in our Zonkey gear!

So here's to you little zedonk. Get ready, cause momma's coming to visit!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bachelorette Reunion ... Yes, Please!

Ever since 2007, Destin hasn't been the same. We rocked that place, literally 80's style, for my best friends bachelorette party! We laughed, drank, caused a ruckus in Baytowne Warf, drank some more, got kicked out of Waffle House (TWICE!) and had an amazing time.

Can't wait to go back with most of the girls this coming weekend to relive it! Although, now that I think about it, I don't think anything can top this one!

Here's a gem of a photo that just sums up the weekend we had there!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday : Simple Pleasures

This week's Top 2 Tuesday : Simple Pleasures
1. The Smell of Clean Laundry
I love the fact that my husband to be does the laundry, cooks, cleans and helps out a lot, but one little pleasure I still get to enjoy while he does um, most of the hard work, is folding clothes RIGHT when they come out of the dryer. I love the smell of fresh, clean clothes, especially the ones that just got done in the dryer with a Downy dryer sheet :)
2. Lazy Sunday Mornings in Bed
I love Sundays when I wake up, don't have anything to do and get to enjoy the quiet time with my fiance. We rarely get to sleep in and when we do, we take advantage of it! Lazy Sunday mornings are for sure one of my favorite things, especially since I get to spend them with the one I love!
Some other simple pleasures in my life:
-chocolate bowl at work
-hot shower on a cold winter morning
-how excited my/my parents dog gets when I come to visit
-the beach