Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Houndstooth for my Tootsies!

I went to peruse a few aisles of the DSW by my office today and I stumbled upon these little gems!
Aren't they so cute!?! If you're a BAMA fan or a fan of Houndstooth, I recommend them! Comfy, good heel height and cheap...only $30.00 at DSW. You better believe I snatched up a pair! Can't wait to wear them this weekend while I watch the TIDE roll on over the UF Gators.

I Bought HOW MANY Mason Jars!?

The great wedding favor debate has been solved! I tried to keep them in my "theme" for the wedding and true to what the night is about. However, there is that southern charm in my heart that I felt needed to shine through on at least ONE part of my big day. My favor ideas strayed from mason jars of honey, mason jars of pecans and finally ended with mason jars full of M&M's. I'm obsessed with mason jars if you can't tell. It doesn't get much easier than 2 initials being M and M. Get it? Mike and Melissa....MORRIS! 3M actually, but lets be honest. I'm not giving away pens. M&M's just seemed naturally smart to use. Everyone loves them, they are super cute and heck, decently cheap! M&M's in a mason jar...EVEN cuter!

I scoured 4 Wal-Mart's yesterday for the half pint mason jars. Who knew these things were so hard to find around this time of year. Apparently they are a 'seasonal' item. So when I found
them at the 4th store I visited...I bought all 14 cases they had! That's 168 mason jars. The people in the store looked at me like I had 3 heads as I loaded up not one, but two carts full of these bad boys. They probably thought I was opening some sort of jelly store. My pretty little (empty as of now) mason jars are all sitting so neatly in the trunk of my Acura right now...god help me if I hit a bump or get rear-ended before I can get them to my parents house on Thursday.

My plan is to get the mason jars loaded up closer to the date of the wedding, but the mind never stops. The plan is for these to be on each table setting at the reception for our guests to take home and enjoy. I figure everyone loves chocolate and everyone could use a mason jar for something in their house. I've been searching for wine and lime raffia and been working on a design for the gift tags for these cute little jars. Here is a piecemeal version of what they will look like. Once they get completed, I'll be sure to post. I envision hours with my pal Lauren, mom and my MOH's working on these bad boys!

Here are the gift tags I've been working on. What do you think? I tried to use a play on words from the M&M brand yet make it unique for us ans our day.

Can't wait to get working on these. Only 214 days until the wedding. It's going to be here before I know it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

So Excited About Tonight!

I've danced most of my life so I feel like I have a small, very tiny connection to this show. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Point...you name it...I did it. I love to move and jive and dance makes me feel like me. I recently, okay last year, started dancing at Dance 101 in Atlanta. Dance 101 is an adult dance studio that offers classes to those who have never danced, people like me who danced all their lives and also to some professional dancers. It's so fun and it has it's own little community of people. Thanks to Dance 101 and our performance show this year, I've been able to make some great new friends! We all see each other a few times a week at the studio, but recently have been hanging out outside of dance. Love each of them and feel like I'm totally myself around them.

One of the sweet girls I've met dancing, Stephanie, made my day yesterday by saying she had an extra ticket to So You Think You Can Dance for tonight at the Gwinnett Arena. The dancers are on their nation wide tour and I've always wanted to go. I snatched that ticket up quick as I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and what it does for dancers. So, needless to say I'm counting down the hours til I get to go see them perform tonight. We've got great seats and I get to hang out with Stephanie and some of her family and friends during the show. SO PUMPED! I sure hope it's as awesome as I'm making it in my mind. I have very very high hopes of the dancers and the performances.

I'll be sure to update after to let you know if its worth seeing in person, or just watching it loyally on TV!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Marco and Britney!

I know I JUST posted about the 3rd Anniversary of my best friend, Kerri and her husband Scott, but today marks the 2nd Anniversary of my dear friend Britney and her husband Marco.
Britney and I met in 3rd grade. We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school and well, kind of had to be friends. Good thing we liked hanging out together huh!?

Brit is awesome. She's smart, sweet and always there when you need to talk or vent. She and Marco have been together longer than I can remember. I think they met our Freshman year at Chattahoochee High School. When they finally got engaged, I was so excited for her. I can remember talking about being a bridesmaid at LA Fitness after he popped the question! Her wedding was a blast (even though I had to watch some of the UGA/UA game during the reception), it was def. one of my favorites. I was honored to be in the wedding since her other 3 bridesmaids were family! Britney will join me, all the way from LA, to be a part of my day this coming April! Here are some fun shots from their big day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can't Believe It's Been 3 Years!

I can't believe 3 years ago today my best friend got married. It was the most beautiful day and her wedding was perfect. I had a blast, from what I can remember...thanks Makers Mark and I can pretty much say everyone who was there did as well.

Kerri and I have been friends since 6th grade where we met at Taylor Road Middle School. After she got over calling me 'Sufer Girl' we realized we had what it took to have a longstanding friendship. From middle school, different high schools, college and then some, we've been able to keep our friendship strong. I'd be willing to say its stronger than it was when we were younger. I was a part of Kerri and Scott's big day and Kerri is now a part of mine as my Matron of Honor.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

70.3 Miiles...In ONE Day!

Mike has become a bit of a triathlon nut over the past 2 years. He got the itch and full on 'rash' after his first tri in June of 2009. Since then, he has competed in many triathlons; mostly sprints and olympic distance...that is, until next weekend. He has signed up for the 70.3 Augusta 1/2 Ironman.

1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Bike, 13.1 mile Run...in ONE DAY! 70.3 miles in one day...talk about nuts. With only 8 hours allotted to complete the course, Mike plans on finishing between 6.5 and 7 hours. Given this is his first "serious endurance" race as I like to call it...I'm a bit nervous. The sprint tri's he normally does are too short to get into, the olympic distance tri's are about 3 hours and just the right amount of time. This one being 7 hours or so...could get interesting. 7 hours to hang by myself, make some friends with other tri-widows and tri fans and maybe finish a good book or two! What's a tri widow you ask? Oh, it's a wife, fiance or girlfriend who has to do things alone while their significant other trains for such endurance events. This course is a little better than some of the tri's he's done previously because it has a loop so I can see and verbally encourage him more than once on this long race. Here are some pictures from previous races Mike's competed in.

I'm constantly amazed at his focus, determination and drive to do these demanding races. They are physical, yet mostly, I believe a mental race and Mike has the mental side down! So as he finishes up his last week of training for the race, I stand by, let him train and wish him health and strength to finish the Augusta 70.3 Ironman with pride.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished : The Great Tux Debate!

When Mike and I first got engaged, okay before we were even engaged, he told me he would be wearing tails to our wedding. The thought of this drove me crazy and I was determined to not let this happen.

My vision for the guys in our wedding party was grey suits with colored ties (based on their roles). Simple yet classy! Mike was set on a tux, I was set on a suit. Savvi Formalwear was able to help us meet in the middle and settle this great debate. I present to you...the grey tux! I'm pretty excited we were able to agree on something and that those silly penguin suits will not be making an appearance! Mike was kind enough to try on each of the 3 looks while we were at Savvi!

The Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom

The Groomsmen and Ushers
(this is the right color for the groomsmen/ushers tie, but it is not the right pattern as it is supposed to be striped to match the groom and FOB/FOG!)
My handsome Groom!

I am more than pleased with how each of these looks came out and can't wait to see all of the guys in their tux's at the wedding! We have a great group of groomsmen/ushers and they're all going to look outstanding in this get-up!
One more thing to check off the list!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ghots, Goblins and Ghouls, OH MY!

Halloween is nearly a MONTH away and I still don't know what I'm going to dress up as. Yes, I realize I'm 26 years old and yes, I realize this holiday is for kids...but I love dressing up and this year I'm on a dry spell of ideas. My past few years have been, well, okay. My favorite was Halloween 2008 where I suited up and painted up to be an Oompa Loompa. Last year I kept it simple with the Devil in the Blue dress idea. Here are photos from 2008 and 2009.

I've got a few ideas in mind of what I can be this year...so far my list is shaping up like this.

-M&M (get it, Mike and Melissa!?!)
-Smurfette (Mike could go as Papa Smurf or one of the other smurfs)
-Dead Bride (Mike would go as a dead groom)
-Wilma or Betty from the Flinstones (Mike could go as Barney or Fred)
-Redneck Bride or just a redneck in general

We've got a party on the 30th already set and there is going to be some fierce costumes there...our friends never disappoint when it comes to costumes.

Kickball...Not Just For The Playground Anymore

I'm back in Kickball action as of today. I took about 2 seasons off due to my arm/neck/all that jazz injury and decided it's back to get back to the social, I mean Kickball, arena of life. GoKickball is a great way to have fun, be social and play a childhood favorite game all at the same time. Our old games were off the chain and to be honest, I don't remember playing in some because I thought drinking a 6pack before the game was a good idea...NOT!

Our team, Game Show to Follow III, premiers tonight at 6:30pm. I'd be lying to say if I wasn't a bit nervous (I mean come on, I haven't played in a year...but it's like riding a bike, right!?). Wednesday nights will now be full of kickballing, game show trivia and maybe a beer or two!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday : Favorite Things About Fall


1) FOOTBALL! University of Alabama Football to be exact! I love the smell of hot dogs on the grill, bourbon and coke, the sound of shakers and the Million Dollar Band playing 'Yea Alabama' more times than I can count!Luckily, my team has been top of their game recently and are the defending National Champions. Here's to another great year, Tide! Keep on Rollin'!

2) Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks are most definitely one of my staples and a fall favorite. I love getting the email that they are back in play for fall and dread the day that they take them off the menu! In fact, I was a full 30 minutes late to the office today JUST so I could get one. Now my nutritionist might not approve of these...but to heck with that...I think I'll have another!

Birthday Love!

Just so happens that my parents are a mere year and a few days apart on their birthdays! My dad celebrated his birthday on the 4th and my mom will celebrate hers on the 9th.
Unfortunately, my dad was out of town for his but he celebrated by going to the Grand Canyon via a Vintage Train ride! My family and a few of my mom's friends will meet up this Sunday to celebrate hers with a birthday brunch!
My Parents, Me and Mike at Stephanie's wedding in June

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our House, In the Middle of the Street...I mean Buckhead!

When Mike and I met we both were living alone in our own separate abodes. Mike, the owner of a great condo in Buckhead and myself a renter of a nice apartment in the Perimeter area of Atlanta. We spent most of the week days at my house as it was more convenient for us for both work and gym and the weekends at his place as it's near tons of restaurants and the not so booming anymore Buckhead bar scene.

About a year ago, I chose to get rid of my place {mind you I had lived there for 3 years alone and it was my first place outa college} and to move into his condo. Only problem...his beloved condo...is it's only oh, I dunno 830 sq. feet. {Yeah, you read that right....}. I mean for pete's sake...we don't even have a table to eat dinner at!! Before I even moved in, Mike re-did "our" closet so that it made room for all my stuff as clearly, I had more stuff than he did and by more I mean like quadruple more items than he did. The closet has worked out great so far but we're still busting at the seams with items everywhere! Tis certainly hard to organize when you have so much....and no, I'm not getting rid of it :)

Over the past few months Mike and I have realized that with the housing market in the state that it's in we're going to have to suffer, I mean enjoy, at least another year in the condo. This is something that's hard for me to swallow as I know we can afford, outfit and enjoy a beautiful home close, but not exactly in the city...and I can't wait to get one. So with that knowledge, I put my foot down and decided we needed to "re-evaluate" our space. Get rid of some things, move others and see what we can do.

A few trips to IKEA and hours upon hours later, we've got a new desk, china hutch and 3 dressers. Just last night alone we've finally picked out a pub table for our "kitchen" area. I can't wait for the night that I get to sit down and actually eat dinner at a table...with chairs...and placemats. Oh what a lovely and novel idea. We're clearly on the right track here! Not saying that all of this is making it better and making me want to live there longer, but at least it'll make the time there livable and more organized and a "home" versus a bachelor pad which it previously was!

In the meantime, Mike and I are working on a plan to save as much as we can, get the condo on the market at the right time {it's a buyers world and a sellers nightmare right now!} and hope that we get what we need on the house so that we in turn can buy our dream home together!

So until then, City life it is for us. Though I do hear the faint voice of the suburbs calling our name!

Our Engagement Party Photos!

Here are some pictures from our tailgate themed Engagement Party! Thanks again to our families for throwing this party and thanks to Kerri for taking the pictures!

Top 2 Tuesday : Top US Cities

This week's Top 2: Top 2 Favorite US Cities!

I've visited quite a few cities in the great United States, but so far, my favorites are Nashville and Atlanta!

1). Atlanta {aka: my hometown}
I love this place. It has a great mix of city life, suburbs and everything in between. I've lived here since I was in 2nd grade and consider it home. In fact, I rarely tell people I'm "technically" from Florida. I don't see Mike and I living anywhere else...but if I had to pick somewhere else to move, I'd go with my second favorite city!

1). Nashville
There is just something about Nashville that I love. I can't pin point exactly what it is but every time I go I have a blast! They have great bars, food, people watching (lots of famous folks like Atlanta) and a great music scene (also like the ATL). If I moved here (which I tried to after college) I'd live in the heart of the city or just outside of that in Franklin, TN. I love this place so much that I'm having my bachelorette party here early next year! WOO!

(photos from google.com)