Monday, June 27, 2011

Jetsetting Once Again ...

The call of duty has once again been in order. I'm off again as of early tomorrow afternoon. This time I'm heading to Nashville, TN for some business dinners and meetings. From there on Friday, I'll be heading to (hopefully) sunny Hilton Head Island to celebrate a birthday and bachelorette party with my dear friend, Kristin.

While gone I'll be missing out on Mike's 29th birthday this coming Friday. I hate to miss his first birthday that we're married, but when the travel came up for work and the bachelorette was being planned, it didn't leave me much choice. So on Friday, while he's out with a bunch of friends at the Braves game, I'll be in Hilton Head with some of my friends, probably wishing I was with him. So instead of celebrating later, we're celebrating early ... as in tonight.

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We're heading to dinner at Local Three. A new favorite restaurant of mine. I was just there last Monday as well with some of my girlfriends and the food was great at the chefs table! Since Mike's never been, I'm looking forward to introducing him to a new restaurant. Post dinner, my plan is to hit up another new favorite place of mine, YogurtLand. They have fab flavors and toppings and I'm just hoping that Mike will be willing to go since I've been craving it for days now...and no, I'm not preggo!

I'm also kinda sad that I'll be missing running the Peachtree Road Race this year as well. I was looking forward to getting back out there and beating my time from 2010 and wearing my tshirt proudly. Instead of me using my number, a friend of ours is running in my place. I sure hope he does well.

Post Nashville and beach time this weekend, I'm hoping to just chill out on the actual 4th of July and enjoying some quality time with Mike and friends since I wont be seeing much of him or them this week/weekend.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

This week has been crazy busy for me and next week isn't looking any better with a week of traveling for work and Hilton Head Island for a Bachelorette/Birthday party! 
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Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seriously Lacking ....

My motivation to get in shape is lacking to say the least these days. After the "you must fit in the dress" pressure for almost a year and my insane travel schedule, my desire to hit the gym, head to BLAST or do anything to burn some calories has been less than stellar. It's not that I've gained a bunch of weight ... maybe a pound or two ... it's just that I'm not happy with how I look and feel when I don't work out. So today, I've decided to get my butt back in gear. 
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We're heading out on a cruise in 73 days with some of our friends and that right there is some motivation. Not only are we going on a cruise, but we'll be heading to Charleston for two weekends in a row and then down to Panama City, FL for Mike's Ironman in November. All of these will involve a bathing suit and lets be honest, I could look a little better in one. 

So bear with me as I may be grumpy with my smaller intake of food, less Diet Coke and fried yumminess ... the grouchy Mrs. Morris shouldn't be around long, but the better looking and healthier Mrs. Morris should be making yet another appearance very soon ... 

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Case of the Monday's

So far, my day has been less than stellar. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

{5:45am}         Workout Starts
6:00am Wake up in panic as I realize the alarm was never set to go off ...
6:01am "Oh, I must have turned the alarm off in my sleep" - My Husband in a sleepy voice
7:20am Wake up, Shower and get ready for the day. Play with Kona Bear
8:10am Stop at Starbucks to get some instant caffeine in my system since I missed my workout
8:12am Spill coffee on my white jeans ... in the middle of my crotch ... AWESOME
8:25am Hear random noise sounding like blown tire on way to office
9:00am Get told I need to spend $400 to get 2 new tires ... JOY

Needless to say, the upside to my day came around early afternoon
1:00pm Flowers from Mike arrive with a card saying "Hope your day is getting better"

Here's to hoping the rest of the day is on the upturn. I'm heading to dinner tonight with some girlfriends at one of my new favorite places, Local Three. Can't wait for their 'Fantastic Voyage Monday' $35/person for 3 course and wine pairings. Bring on the fun, girl time and vino!

Hope your Monday has had way more sunshine than mine has started off with!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Only Tuesday?!

Miss Kona is all snuggled up next to me as I'm wrapping things up for work and packing up to head to the airport to head out to Raleigh, NC for meetings. She loves having us home with her during the day but she sure doesn't like when you try to leave. I bet she is beyond confused with the amount of travel both Mike and I have been doing lately. Poor girl...she tried to get packed to go with me!

someone was not happy that I'm packing up a suitcase ... again

Princess Kona on her pillow tuft
I hate leaving this sweet face, but know that when I come home, she'll be so over the top excited to see me! Catch ya on the flip-side. I'm heading off to the land of BBQ and long, long staff meetings! 

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Beau Rivage Re-Cap

Mike and I went into this weekend not knowing what to expect. We had no idea what the plane would be like, how the hotel would be, what there was to do and the list goes on. I have to admit, we didn't really care since it was a free trip, but at least it turned out well.

The private jet, well it wasn't so private. Apparently the Beau Rivage uses a charter plane service for guests like us (who have a comped trip) and for guests that they invite who pay but are "usual gamblers at the casino". However, it was a semi-nice "private charter" plane which instead of soda and peanuts during beverage service, they ask what kind of alcoholic drink you prefer and give you ritz crackers. Way better than Delta in that aspect!

After a short hour flight, we touched down in Biloxi, MS where a bus shuttled us on over to the Beau Rivage. The fun part is you don't touch your bags once you take them to the airport. After we deplaned and headed to the hotel, our bags arrived within 2 hours in our room. Speaking of rooms, we were on the 22 floor on the far corner, a pretty nice room to be quite honest. If we went back, I'd request that one or one just like it. Way nicer than some of the others we walked by! Since we got in a little late on Friday night, we headed down to the casino to check it out, do some quick gambling and grab a night cap. We didn't want to stay up too late since we needed to get a run in on Saturday AM and have a good nights sleep for a full Saturday afternoon

After Mike did his 6 mile run and I did my 4 mile run/walk along the beach, we showered up and headed to the pool. I was hoping it would have been a bit bigger, but it was a gorgeous sunny, smoking hot day and the pool was the perfect place to be. Since it was such a scorcher of a day, we chose not to drink alcohol at the pool fearing that if we did, we'd have been done by 3pm and not gone out Saturday night. We got a little crispy, but nothing a little aloe couldn't fix by night time. Post a pool-side lunch and a little more time in the sun, we headed in to the casino to test our luck. Mike hit up black jack and craps while I hung out on the 'Super Jackpot Party' and 'Lucky Meerkats' penny slot machines ... MY FAVORITE! After a few dry runs on the penny slots, I hit it big (okay big in terms of penny slots) and won $100 on a $1 bet. I was stoked and cashed out right then and ran over to Mike (literally, I ran in the casino like a 2yr old). Post some more (smaller) wins on my beloved penny slots and a few hands of black jack later for  Mike, we headed up to get ready for dinner at BR Steakhouse. After a yummy dinner at BR Steakhouse and some more gambling, drinking and hanging out, Mike and I headed back to the room to retire for the night and do it all again on Sunday until our 3pm departure time back to reality.

Overall, the trip was a great getaway for the both of us. We haven't spent much 1 on 1 time together since the wedding and honeymoon with all the stuff going on here and all of my travel for business. I think it's safe to say we might head back there one day since it's a lot closer and cheaper than Vegas, but it's more of a weekend trip, not so much for longer than two nights.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Wedding in Photos (Post Ceremony and Reception)

with Kyle and Todd
Morris Ladies
with Karen, Kerri's Mom!
with my Mom
and my Dad
Kristin and Mike ... you're next!
dancing machine
with Auntie Joyce
my sweet friend, Jill and her hubby, Corey
Lizzie rocking it out

dancing with Lizzie

ready for our grand exit

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Wedding in Photos (Pre-Wedding and Ceremony)

I'm not one to just post a blog with all photos, but here goes nothing! I figure you can get the idea of how the day went based on our images from our photographers!

*All photos taken by Scobey Photography
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