Monday, January 24, 2011

Shower Recap!

First shower is over and done with. I can't believe it went by so quickly!It was a wonderful time and I'm so thankful to have a friend (and her family) to host for me. The food was to die for (a 3 course menu including the mouthwatering Fried Green Tomato BLT), the flowers/tablescape were gorgeous (and some in mason jars!) and everyone had a good time! We got lots of great stuff both at the shower and in the mail from those who couldn't attend. Thanks everyone for all the new goodies that Mike and I will be sure to tear into as soon as possible! 

Here are some photos from the day
amazing place, amazing food!
great job with the decorations, Kerri and Karen!
flowers were GORGEOUS!
getting pinned up!
ladies lunching
with my 2 MOH's
Emily and I
Megan, Maria and Melissa. HA! Triple M

Karen, Mom and Joyce

with my BFF, MOH and host of this amazing shower
with my dear friend, Lauren

gift time!

focused on not ripping ribbons!
Thanks again for everything and everyone who was a part of it! Round 2 is coming up in February and I can't wait!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pondering A New Ride

My first car was a 1998 2-Door Tahoe and it was my baby. Named Patrik, for its color and for the fact I got it around my birthday/St. Patrick's day, it was a teenagers dream. It had a lift, nice tires and everything I need to run a muck and cause some trouble. I had this car until I was a junior in college and decided I needed something more mature and safe to drive. My parents (God love them) obliged and bought me my next car....Rudy. I've had my Acura TSX since 2004 (bought new) and it's lasted me this long. While it's red roof has turned a pink shade (because of a defect in the Acura paint for that color) and it's got a nice scrape on the side (dang you mr. pole in my parking deck), Rudy has been a good and loyal car.

However, now I think it's time to put Rudy to rest and introduce myself to a new friend...not yet to be named.

I've been interested in 2 cars, ok really they are both SUVs, for a while now. I've driven both (well currently test driving one for the weekend) and both are great. I am tired of having a car and want more space. Whatever we get now I imagine having for a few years so it needs to be kid friendly and safe.

Enter my choices : Mr. Acura MDX and Mr. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mr. Jeep Grand Cherokee is the new 2011 body style. I'm interested in the Laredo X package (with navigation and sun roof) in White with Light Grey leather.
images via
Mr. Acura MDX is the new 2011 body style also. I'm interested in the MDX with the technology package (with navigation and sun roof) in White with Light Grey leather.
images via
Both drive great. Both have all the bells and whistles I demand, I mean need! Only difference, one is about $10,000 cheaper than the other. We're looking to purchase sometime between now and the end of March so I've got to get my decision ready!

If you had to pick, which would it be?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Is Not On My Side

I have my first wedding shower this weekend hosted by my awesome best friend {who is doubling as one of my MOH's} and her mom at one of my fave places, JCT Kitchen. I'm so excited about seeing everyone and celebrating. I was telling another bride friend {she's getting married a mere 7 days after us in Tennessee} who will be in attendance, that it almost feels surreal. I've hosted my fair share of showers, attending more weddings than I should admit and been a bridesmaid/maid of honor enough times to have a bridesmaid dress for each day of the week! This time, I'm not the one hosting, I'm the guest of honor. It will hit me on Saturday more as I'm getting ready and more so when we're at JCT I'm sure. I'm not an overly outward emotional person, however, internally and in private I am. Let's hope I can keep it together!

On the same token, lets hope this Mucinex starts to kick in. I've been putting a lot more hours in at the gym, trying to eat healthy and get enough sleep, but the sick monster has found me. I don't think it helps that people in my office like to come in when they have strep, the flu, etc. and infect everyone else. So with that being said ... the fluids will be flowing, the Mucinex will be popping and I'll be switching my coffee to OJ and vitamins to ensure that I'm well by Saturday, or at least well enough to be a bright eyed and bushy-tail bride at her shower :)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Talk About Price, Baby

Back in August I learned the first time how much of a rip-off stamps were, especially the cute ones! Now, as the day to mail our my invitations is getting closer... I'm right back where I started.  However, this time, not only do I need 1 set of stamps, I need 2! GRACIOUS!

I know I need 100 stamps. I brought my sample (put together) invitation to the office today to weigh it, with hopes of it only needing the cheaper stamp. To my dismay, of course, it needs the $0.61 stamps! Thankfully my return RSVP card/envelop duo only needs the $0.44 postage so I'll save some there. Since I know the amount and weight...I started looking. Here's what I was able to narrow it down to (as I gasped at the prices).

For the Outer Envelopes
Wedding Cake Stamp $0.61. 
A pane of 20 costs $12.20    TOTAL COST: $61.00
photo via here
Fleur de Lis Stamp $0.61. 
A pane of 20 costs $21.41 (nearly 2x as much)   TOTAL COST: $107.25
photo via here 
For the Inner Envelopes
Pansies in a Basket "Love" Stamp $0.44. 
A pane of 20 costs $8.80    TOTAL COST: $44.00
photo via here
Wedding Rings t "Love" Stamp $0.44. 
A pane of 20 costs $8.80    TOTAL COST: $44.00
photo via here 
While I LOVE the idea of a unique stamp and a custom one at that, the thought of paying $107.25 for 100 stamps is nauseating at best. I teetered with the idea and then my mom so graciously told me to come back to reality. Everyone, with the exception of myself and probably my parents will throw this envelope away and not a single person at the wedding will say, "Oh wow, they matched their stamp to their fleur de lis decorations at the reception, how thoughtful."

Then I compared the price.
Wedding Cake Stamp - $61.00   +   either smaller stamp - $44  = $105.00
Fleur de Lis Stamp - $107.25   +   either smaller stamp - $44  = $151.25
     PRICE DIFFERENCE : $46.25

While $46 isn't normally a chunk of change, however, when planning a wedding it is! That $46 could get me 4lbs of  M&M's for my favors! So with that, I've decided on the Wedding Cake stamp for my outer envelope. The big question is {really it's not big at all, I just make things a big deal for no reason, that's just how I roll} which inner envelope stamp should I get. Both are cute, both say love, both cost the same.

What would you pick?

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Awesome Collection at Pottery Barn

I was searching for some gifts as well as items to add to my registry (my one of four that is...) and came across this cool Founders collection at Pottery Barn!

I love the wood and style of each of these items! They could be used everyday for decoration as well as functionally for parties or holidays! Priced at good points as well! Some of them are already on backorder, or no longer available, but check your local Pottery Barn stores for items that could be found in-store (and save on shipping!)

Founders Wine Storage Box    $69.00 

Founders Pedestal   $49.00

Founders Wine Trough    $79.00

Founders Standing Wine Opener    $189.00

Can't wait to get some of these in my own home!!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed In : Day 4

Do drive to the office or not. This is the question of the day. While I'm assuming I can make it to the office, it will take me over an hour to go 11 miles and lets be honest, I don't need to wreck my Acura...again!

It amazes me how paralyzed Atlanta is by all this ice/snow. Thank goodness Mike and I live in Buckhead where we can walk to most restaurants, bars, gyms, grocery stores. Thank goodness even more for friends who live close to us who can meet us out! If it wasn't for this ... I'd have gone bat crazy by now.

So while all this is at hand and I'm debating what to do about getting to the office or working from home... what I do know is that I need an outfit for my shower on the 22nd and to get to the dentist at 2pm!

Now, how to do that....

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3.2.1...Blast Off...

... your waist line and pounds that is!
I've never been a fan of "fad" diets and all the hokey eating stuff. However, I'm all about "fad" workouts and different ways to kick start your heart rate and make you shed pounds. While I know that losing weight is more like a math equation, I like to think that I can do it myself and in my way...usually, I'm wrong!

I've been doing {yes all of this} Bootcamp, Dance and Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. I've dropped 2.4lbs since Christmas and kept it off so far, so that's good...but I need to drop more. My normal routine is Bootcamp 3-4 mornings a week, Dance 2 days and other workout another 2-3 days a week. This can be cumbersome and often times I don't find or choose not to find the time for it. Though the results are slowly showing and my "skinny" jeans and pants are fitting again, I think there's a new thing for me to give a shot and see if it can't jump start a bigger weight loss.

Blast900 is interval-based training to really kick your body into gear. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but my girlfriend, Nicole, had been and encouraged me to check it out also. With the enticing 'first class free' offer, I couldn't turn it down.Through ice, snow and after almost busting my face today, Nicole and I made it to class. I checked out their website, more than once, to get a feel for what it'd be like. Here's what the front page has to say.

"Countless scientific studies prove that the most dramatic way to change your body is through interval training, alternating high and relatively low intensity exercise. BLAST900's unique interval-based workout "shocks" the body out of its comfort zone, and has you continually burning calories for the next 24 hours. BLAST is what you're not already getting, but everything you've ever wanted from a workout. It's circuit training meets bootcamp, all grown up. It's THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT."

It was more than just a physical workout, it was mental. I found myself looking in the mirror telling myself to keep going, to stay focused and not to give up {I also found myself saying..."Keep running so you'll fit in your wedding dress"}. You rotate weights/core training with interval running on the treadmill. It's 60 minutes of straight work - switching up exercises every 5 or 10 minutes. No water breaks, no waiting around. I've never run so hard, far and fast as I did today. They say you burn 900 calories in a class... I believe them. I left there red faced, dripping in sweat feeling like I really got a good workout in. Though classes cost more than I like to spend ($28 per class unless you get a class card) it does include water, towel and all equipment.

While there are only locations (2 ) in Metro Atlanta, I encourage you to check something like this out in your area. If you live in Atlanta or are visiting anytime soon, I definitely recommend you checking it out. You'll leave motivated, encouraged and great about yourself and what you accomplished just in the 60 minutes there!


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

May I Have This Dance?

When Mike and I met almost 3 years ago, he told me that he'd already picked out the song he was going to dance to with his {potential} wife at his {someday} wedding. I was intrigued by this as most guys wouldn't ever think about something like this. What was his choice you might be asking?

By the Way They Dance : Jump Little Children. 

*video via

Here are the lyrics as well {just in case you don't want to listen!}

And the one step and he's sliding

And the two steps and she's gliding
3 and the 1 and the 2
And then they float in the air

Side to side and she shows him
Back and forth cause she knows him
Round and round again
All that see them can't help but stare

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

Cheek to cheek cause he needs her
Hand in hand as he leads her
Face to face cause they know
They'll never dance alone

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

By the way she moves in circles
Ever so sweetly she wins him completly
By the way he holds her so gracefully
The hand that he lends her is able and tender
Never a step to chance
Cause everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance

Cause everyone knows they're in love
Everyone knows they're in love
Yes and everyone knows they're in love
By the way they dance
*lyrics via here

So, Mike will be getting his wish. This is our first dance song. We actually tried to get the lead singer to come perform but he doesn't to that anymore for private events he said {what a bummer!}. The only other question, do we take dance lessons?!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Greetings from Kona!

It's a cold, cold snowy day here in Atlanta. I can't believe how much we actually got! Thank goodness for laptops and working from home because there is no way I'm driving to the office. While it's gorgeous out and I want to go play in the snow, totally unsure if that's a good idea or not!

Not only did we get about 4-5 inches of snow last night, but it was good fluffy snow! Miss Kona was sinking in the snow and couldn't figure out if she should eat it or not!
Kona last night just sinking in the snow!
about 2-3 inches in just one hour!
With the snow, came the ice ... and a nice layer of it to be honest. The snow is no longer fluffy at first touch, but hard and easier to walk on...less sinking action! Currently we're debating heading to meet some friends to go sledding, worth it or not?! Kona sure does enjoy it though! She's not too sure about it, but is growing more fond of it each time she goes out. The psycho puppy mom I am, I take photos :)

ready to take Miss Kona out!
getting blown away in the snow! see how she's not sinking this time!?

might be my favorite picture, ever!
the hill next to our condo!
The weather wont get above freezing until almost Friday! I sure hope we're able to get out before then!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Your Umbrella Ready ... It's Shower Time!

I got a pretty little envelope in the mail yesterday (with the most recognizable handwriting ever) that contained a pretty little invite! Just what could it be for you might be asking?! It's for our first wedding shower...YAY!

My awesome Matron of Honor (one of the two) and her mom are hosting a luncheon/shower for me in just a few weeks and I couldn't be more excited!! It's being hosted at one of Kerri (MOH) and I's favorite little places ... JCT Kitchen! I am so grateful for my friendship of almost 15 years with Kerri and her family as well. I can't wait for our shower and to celebrate with all of the amazing ladies that are important to me (well, without a few who don't live here, but you'll be there in spirit!).

I couldn't get a perfect image of the invite and I didn't want to crop the corners off because you'd lose the cute rounded edges, so you'll just have to deal with the black background of my dirty kitchen table! (sorry, note to self, must clean table!). The invite is beautiful and carries the essence of JCT Kitchen in it! JCT Kitchen is too cute for words, you'll just have to check back for an update post shower!

Thank you in advance Kerri and Karen, I know it will be beautiful and I can't wait to lunch and celebrate with you guys!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011, Nice to Meet You!

Happy 2011! I can't believe a new year is already upon us and so much of last year is just left in the dust. I feel like it's a new beginning for me and a new attitude has somehow been transformed without trying ... for now at least. I'm not making "resolutions" so much, more so "changes I'd like to see and goals" this way, if for some reason they fail or I stumble along the way, I don't feel as silly!

Goals/Changes I'd like to take place for 2011
-Keep up the good attitude! I'm quick and easy to get defensive, yell and even times get aggressive. This is something that I've seen develop over the years and get more prevalent in the last few. It hurts my friends, family and mostly, Mike as he is the brunt of it typically. It's not fair and I promised him and myself I'd work on changing. So far as of day 4...we're doing good!
-Be healthy and Stay healthy! I'm not one to say, "I'm going to lose 15lbs this year" and actually do it. Unfortunately, I can say that's never happened though it's always been a "resolution" of mine. This year, while I'm up against fitting in my wedding dress and looking good on my big day and every other day past it, I've started to focus my energy on being healthy. Eating right, working out, splurging when I deserve it and overall general wellness.
-Be better, financially! I've got a little bit of debt...when I say little, I'm talking under $4,000...but debt none the less. Mike and I want to start clean and fresh with none of this in our path when we get married. I've made the decision to pay it off long before our wedding day. I've got 116 days (from today) to get it done. While this means less shopping and less splurging on random things, it also means I'll be able to be financially sound, get a new car and hopefully start saving more of my money to contribute to our future home and items.

What have you decided you'd like to work on for 2011? If you picked some things, how are you doing so far?

I hope each of you reading this, whether you identify yourself or not had a wonderful New Years and I shall leave you with some photos of our NYE party!
Courtney, Devon and I with Dublin

Some of the HHB's

with my favorite man!

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