Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready for some FOOTBALL

If there is only one thing I look forward to each and every year, it's FOOTBALL season! Growing up my parents taught me the ways of Garnet and Gold and that anyone in Blue and Orange was bad (sorry Brit!). To this day, I've stuck true to that, however my Garnet and Gold was traded in for Crimson and White.

After graduating from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) in 2006, my love for college football has grown (is this even possible). I bleed these colors and would do most anything to someone who'd like to argue about how great 'The Bear' was or how awesome the Tide is. The arguments of who's better than who in the SEC is a constant in my life. A majority of my friends went to UGA and other SEC teams. Not to mention, my boyfriend, Mike graduated from UGA, my brother & sis-n-law graduated from UT and even some of my friends went to Auburn (tragic, I know!)
No matter where your honor and alma mater lie, one thing is for sure, everyone LOVES some college football and I can't wait for it to start!

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