Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hip Hooray ... Happy Day!

On Valentine's Day I got a text from my (then) future Sis-n-law telling us that Baby Clarke #3 was on the way! I was so pumped about buying baby gear and being an Aunt for the first time.

Although Melissa and Jack (yes, Mike's sister is really named Melissa) already have 2 kiddos, this is the first one since I've really been a full part of the family for so I consider it my first time really being an Aunt from the beginning!

Lizzie and Brody at the pool
After patiently waiting, we found out Friday that Mike and I will be Aunt and Uncle to another little Clarke BOY! We can't wait to meet him in October and hope that the rest of her term goes well!

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Kristin said...

So fun! Congrats Auntie! :)

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