Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello, October

I am not 100% sure how in the world we've ended up in October. I can't believe the leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting nicer and I'm currently wearing a scarf. But alas, it is true.

So far, October hasn't been so bad. Here's why.

Miss Kona turned 1 on October 1st. It's hard to believe our precious poodle baby is already a year old! To celebrate her birthday, Miss Kona enjoyed a delicious Frosty Paw and some hangout time with Mommy and Daddy!
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The Crimson Tide is now 5-0. While I was a little nervous at the start of the game this past weekend against the Gators, my beloved Tide pulled off a great victory and are now sitting in the #2 spot in the rankings. Way to go BAMA!

My Half Marathon training is right on track. I logged 5 miles yesterday on a slightly hilly course but post run felt great! This week I'm looking to log a total of 13 miles with my longest run being on Saturday at 6 miles. Thank goodness when I get finished with these longer runs I have my awesome Zoot Compression socks to put on! They are truly amazing!

I've also joined Weight Watchers in hopes to drop the rest of these unwanted pounds sooner than later. So far, I'm down 2lbs last week and a total of 1.2lbs overall. I've been trying to make real adjustments in my eating habits but know that there will be days (usually Saturdays) that I just go all out and eat whatever I want. I really try to keep my eating and working out on track all week long so that on my 'cheat' days I don't feel so bad!

There's still 28 days left in this month and I'm really hoping that the first 3 will be indicative of the rest. Here's to looking forward to sweaters, more scarfs, more victories for the Tide, strong runs and pounds lost.

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