Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That Stings a Little...

Update from my earlier post about the job I was interviewing for. You can catch up here about the job and all other things going on in my world.

I didn't get the job. I spent a total of 15 hours traveling, meeting and impressing people in my pretty little suit, but it didn't do the trick. Seems they have hired an external candidate. Oh well. I can't lie and say I wasn't the slightest bit bummed out, because I certainly was. On the other hand, I did get some exciting info yesterday as well. I can't divulge that just yet, check back in a week for the full story!

T minus exactly 7 days and I'll be jammin on slot machines and hitting up the Black Jack tables in Vegas....not to mention my little side jaunt over to Zion Nat'l Park. Pretty stoked if I must admit. Got to start NOW!

Well, that's all the updating I have...what you got to update me on?

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