Monday, June 27, 2011

Jetsetting Once Again ...

The call of duty has once again been in order. I'm off again as of early tomorrow afternoon. This time I'm heading to Nashville, TN for some business dinners and meetings. From there on Friday, I'll be heading to (hopefully) sunny Hilton Head Island to celebrate a birthday and bachelorette party with my dear friend, Kristin.

While gone I'll be missing out on Mike's 29th birthday this coming Friday. I hate to miss his first birthday that we're married, but when the travel came up for work and the bachelorette was being planned, it didn't leave me much choice. So on Friday, while he's out with a bunch of friends at the Braves game, I'll be in Hilton Head with some of my friends, probably wishing I was with him. So instead of celebrating later, we're celebrating early ... as in tonight.

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We're heading to dinner at Local Three. A new favorite restaurant of mine. I was just there last Monday as well with some of my girlfriends and the food was great at the chefs table! Since Mike's never been, I'm looking forward to introducing him to a new restaurant. Post dinner, my plan is to hit up another new favorite place of mine, YogurtLand. They have fab flavors and toppings and I'm just hoping that Mike will be willing to go since I've been craving it for days now...and no, I'm not preggo!

I'm also kinda sad that I'll be missing running the Peachtree Road Race this year as well. I was looking forward to getting back out there and beating my time from 2010 and wearing my tshirt proudly. Instead of me using my number, a friend of ours is running in my place. I sure hope he does well.

Post Nashville and beach time this weekend, I'm hoping to just chill out on the actual 4th of July and enjoying some quality time with Mike and friends since I wont be seeing much of him or them this week/weekend.

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