Monday, September 12, 2011

Half Marathon Training Update

I'm only 3 weeks into my training  (with 11 more weeks to go) for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and I'm happy to report that so far, so good!

Running 3 times per week with 2 days of cross training (tennis, lifting, etc.) is really starting to help. I started slow with just 1 mile for my long run at a pace of 15 minutes (3 weeks ago) and this past Saturday I logged in 4.1 miles with a time of 44 minutes (that's 11 minute miles). I was stoked to see how much I'm improving and much easier the running is getting. I've been doing my long runs on the Jeff Galloway plan ... run (x) minutes, walk (x) minutes. So far I'm up to running 5 minutes and walking 2 minutes. I actually have been looking forward to my long runs. One thing that I've surprised myself with is that I haven't been running with an iPod. I always thought I'd need music to run long distance but shockingly, I have enjoyed the quiet time and use it to think as well as give myself pep talks if I feel like I'm starting to fade.

I've already told you guys about my favorite running clothes and now it's time to introduce my favorite running "aid". Meet my friend, Fuel Belt!

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I picked up the 4 bottle red edition, but you can choose from many different colors, styles and even number of bottles. Personally, I use 2 for water and 2 for Heed (by Hammer Nutrition). Usually I come back with over half of my bottles still full, but knowing that I have a fluid supply is always nice just in case it's a hot day or my run is harder than I think.

I find these fuel belts or any fuel source similar to be an absolute vital item for any runner. You can pick them up at most running stores as well as online.

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Saying I do said...

congrats on the progress! I've been wanting to get one of these belts for quite some time now!! Ugh I should just bite the bullet and buy it..I don't know why I'm waiting!

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