Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favorite Running Gear

Now that I'm all signed up for the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, I've been doing an overhaul on my running gear. Getting rid of stuff I don't like and stocking up on stuff that I love.

I'm obsessed with my running gear and the company who makes it to be quite honest. Ever heard of Lululemon Athletica? Well if not, you need to become familiar with them if you're interested in fashionable workout clothes that fit great and are so comfortable! Lululemon is just an all around great company with fab clothes, gear and a great manifesto to boot. How could you NOT be inspired by this?
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Here are some of my personal fave items from Lululemon!

Silver Bullet Short Sleeve Shirt -- $68.00
Swiftly Racerback Tank -- $48.00
Speed Short -- $54.00
I'm lucky enough to be in Atlanta where there is a Lululemon within 5 minutes...and by lucky I mean my bank account  isn't so lucky, but I am! They have a handy store locator where you can (I'm sure) find a Lululemon close to you, if not, never fear because they do online shipping as well. The best part of shopping Lululemon online ... shipping is always free!

**all photos from Lululemon website
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Bride-onicles said...

My girlfriends and I were just having this convo the other day about how you work out so much better when you are wearing cute workout clothes!

Saying I do said...

LOVE lululemon!

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