Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stayin Alive

Dont fret, I'm still here!

Work and life have kept me ultra busy but I have vowed (to myself of course) to get back to blogging! Here's what you've missed but I'll tell you more about later.....

-our newest nephew arrived, Baby Trevor, on October 20th! Currently I'm writing this from Phoenix, AZ as we're here to visit him!
-my hubby finished Ironman Florida a few weeks ago
-work is kicking my tail
-I'm stoked my LA bestie, Brit, will be home for part of Christmas
-Mike and I have been married almost 7 months
-Nicole started blogging
-Miss Kona had surgery

And last but not least...

Gotta go hang with the kiddies but promise to dive into these topics sooner than later! Happy Holiday Season

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