Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome, December...How The Heck Did You Get Here So Fast!

Holy moly tomorrow is December 1st. Where on earth has this year gone? Time for Christmas trees, lights, gifts and tons of holiday parties but not without the start of the Season and the Tree Lighting at Macy's!
Macys Tree after it was lit and the fireworks show!
Mike, Lauren and I closed out Thanksgiving and welcomed Christmas at the Macy's Tree Lighting down at Lenox Mall. I've lived in Atlanta since 1991 and have NEVER gone so I was really excited about attending this year, sore legs and all from running the half marathon earlier in the day. It was chilly, but not too bad and at best, packed with a bunch of festive fools who didn't have a whole lot of manners but at least were jolly.
with Lauren
struggling to stand post half marathon!
Guess I should start my Christmas shopping...Only 26 days left to get it all done and I haven't really even started considering what to get! OY VEY!

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