Friday, July 29, 2011

Come and Get it!

Thursday nights in Buckhead haven't tasted so good!

About two weeks ago I was driving home from a later night at the office (read: I left work at 5:30) and decided to jump down a different road to avoid some traffic. To my surprise, I saw a parking lot FULL of people and food. Food Trucks that is!

Thanks to The Atlanta Street Food Coalition, every Thursday you can get your grub on in Buckhead just steps away from the Buckhead Theatre (the old Roxy). Trucks are there from 6-10pm. Most of them take both cash and credit card and there is a HUGE variety of food not only for you humans, but for you pooch's too!

Mike and I packed up some water bottles, Kona's travel bowl and head out to walk on over to the coolest thing to hit the Buckhead streets in a while.

I hit up the Hail Caesar Food Truck and got the buffalo chicken wrap with lemon orzo pasta and it was a ton of food for a great price. Not to mention, it was AMAZING!! Can't wait to try all the other options that Hail Caesar has to offer! Mike hit up a few of the other trucks and tried a little sample from each. All of the food he got was just as delish. Even Miss Kona joined in the fun and picked up a yummy ice cream snack called "Butt Sniffer" from Poochsicles!

We spent less than $18 dollars on dinner for the both of about a cheap night! Can't wait to go back next week and see what the trucks have to offer. If you're in the Atlanta area, check out the different stops that the Food Trucks make and try out their awesome food!

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Lauren said...

Huh! I had no clue they did this. Gonna have to try it!

Melissa said...

going back next thursday...come along

Britt said...

Food Trucks are awesome! They are all over the place out here. Last Christmas our office had the Sprinkles truck come. It was amazing!

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