Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Wednesday Night

Nothing too exciting to share other than a random post about my random Wednesday! 

My summer intern, Becca, and I have been working on our fall event for the office. We've decided to do a mix between Geocaching and Scavenger Hunt in the gorgeous Centennial Park in Atlanta. Yesterday she and I decided to try our hand at Geocaching and well, we were 100% unsuccessful. However, after returning to the office post a yummy lunch at Qdoba, we realized the cache we were looking for was no longer there. I did a google search and realized there were quite a few caches around our home in Buckhead, so I asked Mike if we could go seek one out before dinner. Low and behold, lookie what I found! This one was at OK Cafe right off I-75 underneath the big steel angel. I was quite pumped we actually found it and sent a quick BBM message to Becca and let her know my skills on geocaching were improving! 

Miss Kona spent her afternoon at Pupcakes, her favorite groomer/daycare, and came home looking quite snazzy. So far, almost everyone who has seen her new photo has commented, "she looks like a stuffed animal"

Post Geocaching at OK Cafe last night, Mike and I hit up Flip Burger in Buckhead for dinner. Not my favorite boutique burger joint, but close to home and somewhat yummy ... so it'd have to do! I had a 'local' burger with grass fed beef, local onions, tomato and cheese with coca-cola ketchup! To top the night off, Mike and I splurged and ordered milkshakes! I got the nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshake and Mike ordered the Krispy Kreme variety milkshake!

Here's to hoping my Thursday is just as exciting and random as my hump day!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Fun! I just got an iPhone and need to try that!

Britt said...

I have to go to this Flip place when I come home and try the Krispy Cream milkshake for sure.

Stephanie said...

I have never heard of geocaching, but looked it up after reading your post. Rob and I found one tonite by regal!!!

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