Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big Year Ahead...New Years Resolutions

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Every year in the final days before the next year approaches, I write down things that I'd "like" to do in 365 days ahead and typically I rarely accomplish at least half of my list! This year I'm putting my foot down and I'm going to get my list all checked off. Here's what I've set aside for myself for New Years Resolutions in 2012. 

1. Lose weight and feel confident in my body again. I would like to drop 10-15lbs and 2 dress sizes. To do this I'm going to have to be consistent with my eating habits and work-outs and overall, not beat myself up if the scale says one thing as far as a number but my clothing size says another. 

2. PR my half marathon time. I finished my first half in 2:56. Not exactly stellar but I did that without training hardcore and proper nutrition. If I increase my training and make it effective as well as be consistent with my eating and training (see #1), I am bound to cut my time down. My goal is to finish Rock and Roll Nashville in 2:30! 

3. Finish my first triathlon (Irongirl on May 20th in Atlanta) with a great time! Since my hubby is a rockstar triathlete, the training plan will be strict and intense but not lacking fun and excitement. I can't wait to race alongside some of my friends and few hundred other athletes! 

4. Be more confident in my job! This one will take some time but I know in the next 365 days it'll happen. This past year I went from a supporting role to being the main role in my gig as a Product Manager. It's been a lot of stress and a strong learning curve but nonetheless, exciting and challenging. I can only hope to be more effective in my job and become better at what I do.

5. Invest in my friends and family. Even though my parents and brother/sis-n-law live a short 20 minutes away, I need to be better about going to visit and hanging out with them. On top of that I definitely need to keep investing in my friends and making sure that the right people are in my life.

Overall, think all of these are going to be checked off at the end of 2012, perhaps even before! What's on your list?

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Whitney said...

You have a great list of goals!

Brittany said...

These are great!! :)

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