Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in Review

As the final days of 2011 are upon us, I have found myself thinking about all the stuff that's transpired in the last 365 days. I started 2011 as a stressed out Bride to Be and am finishing 2011 as a married woman who has accomplished so many things with a much more enriched life!

The biggest change of 2011 was going from an Evans to a Morris. Mike and I have been married now for almost 8 months. So hard to believe that perfect day  and party was such a while ago. All the planning, stressing and joy ended in bliss. People always ask "So, how do you like being married" and I graciously answer,'s no different for us! Things fell into place just fine post our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii and we've really been in the "married" groove ever since. I couldn't ask for a more supportive, thoughtful, encouraging and fantastic husband and I certainly wouldn't trade being a wife for anything in the world.

On top of getting married, I got to watch some of my favorite people tie the knot and get engaged. To all my friends who share 2011 as their newlywed year, congrats and to all of our friends who are engaged and have dates set for the future, we can't wait to celebrate with you!

Also this year, Mike and I took some fun trips with friends and I went on my first cruise! We had an absolute blast and can't wait until 2012's adventures with this group of friends!So far we've already got a trip to go skiing, gambling and another big trip ahead. But before we can get into any of that, we have to close out 2011 and ring in 2012 with 10 of us and 4 dogs at a cabin in the mountains! Can't wait to see what else 2012 brings!

I also had a fabulous year with some great friends. I made further investments in my friends, 2 of which I've had longer than 16 years, as well as made some great new ones who have added such fun and joy to my life. I've not only made friends who make me laugh, teach me about wine and everything else under the sun but also encourage me to be healthy and get my run on! I'm beyond happy to say that I far exceeded my expectations of running and completed one HUGE accomplishment.... I FINISHED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON! I loved it so much that I have even already signed up for another half in 2012 as well as considering at least one more to round out next year. Who knows, maybe in 2013 I'll even run a full...but don't get set on that! Not only did I complete my first half marathon, Mike finished his first Ironman and he did FANTASTIC! All his hard work definitely payed off!

Queen K can't be left out of this update, she actually turned 1 this year! So sad that our puppy baby is growing up! She brings Mike and I so much joy and we can't imagine life without her. On top of her turning 1 this year, she also underwent some surgery a few weeks ago. She had to have major knee surgery and attend doggie physical therapy, yes, it really does exist...but she has really come out on the other side and is almost 100% healed!

On top of all of this, work has kept me super busy with a lot more responsibility. Our health has been great, both of our families are doing well and 2011 was a pretty darn good year. I'm so excited to see what 2012 has in store for us!

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2012!

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Whitney said...

You look like you had a wonderful year! This year, I'm starting off 2012 as being a stressed out bride-to-be! ha

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