Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boot Camp...Day 1

Welcome to the Jungle...the LUNGE Jungle. Holy Mother of Earth lunges and squats. I mean really...we all want great legs...but dear gracious, is this REALLY what you have to do to get them?

So my friend Patsy (you'll see she gets named a lot, and blamed a lot for this boot camp thing) and I shimmy outa bed to hit up boot camp at the ripe hour of oh, 6:30am...yes, as in the morning! Warm up starts, the usual to include: squats, sit ups, planks and a push up or ten...then the fun begins. Today's adventure included these Tabata Jumping Jacks (you're asking what this is aren't you....)

Definition: The Tabata workout calls for 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, done 8 times without pausing – for a total of 240 seconds – or just 4 minutes.
So four minutes of these bad boys topped off with what seemed to be like a half-marathon (okay it was like 1/4 of a mile jog) to this identified location of..."OAK HILL" aka..lunge death squat hill.
It was there that we must endure 15 minutes of mountain climbers, followed by squats up a hill, topped with 10 push-ups and a run down the hill...REPEAT...for how long?!? 15 minutes, you've done lost your mind, or at least I have. As the time for boot camp rounds of for today, I'm thinking oh, maybe a slight jog back...but no! wait, there's more! Walking lunges you say...for how long? And you want me to look like a 'horse' doing this? Oh dear!
All in all, not too bad. "Looking forward" to tomorrow's adventure. Thanks Patsy, my legs will forever hate, I mean appreciate you.


Patsy said...

You're welcome. Also, I will forever think of that hill as lunge death squat hill.

Andy said...

Day 1 in the books, it is usually the worst day. Usually because it is the first day you have had your butt out of bed pre 6am, or what I like to call O' Dark Thirty. It will get better, just make sure you spend some time this afternoon, or this evening walking around it will help the legs. I cannot wait to hear when you ladies have to do the arm workouts! Have fun!

M.A.E. said...

yeah, that day is going to SUCK. I hope arm day is one of those rainy days I don't attend...

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