Thursday, January 14, 2010

It’s that time of year again…Wedding Season

The movie 27 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl ( might be the story of my life. I’m at my 5th wedding…only 22 more to go (not that I’m counting). Never fails that every year, I have between 2-9 weddings to attend. This year, the magic number as it stands now…6…six freaking weddings in one year. Mind you, over HALF of these take place between April and July. I mean I love my friends and family more than you could ever imagine, but 6!?! Do you know that is almost 2 months I have to give up of my Saturday nights? I mean not to mention, showers, presents and travel. Holy me oh my. So in a nutshell, here are the ones I’ll be representing at…not crashing (those weddings don’t get counted in the number for the year…they are an added bonus!)

Casey and Some guy I don’t know his name (Mike’s cousin)—location: Jacksonville, FL
never met this chick. all I know is her brother is cool, unfortunately a florida fan and she has two

Tyler and some girl I don’t know her name (Mike’s friend, Scott’s brother)—location: Atlanta, GA
met this guy once. i happened to be wasted feeling a little under the weather. no idea what we talked about but i hang out with his brother, scott quite a bit. he’s a good guy. should be a good time.

Maureen and Mike (old boss and coworker)—location: Savannah, GA (memorial day weekend)
good pals of mine…both mentors for my life, both old coworkers and both cool as hell. wedding should be incredible and it takes place over memorial day weekend in beautiful savannah, ga. you better believe i’ll be taking advantage of some vacation and boozing on river street while there. Thankfully, another coworker and her husband will be attending this one with us.

Kristy and Dennis (Mike’s friend from college)—location: somewhere in rural cow land, GA
should be a small but pretty nice wedding. dennis works for mayfield dairy…maybe they will have free ice cream.

Stephanie and Rob (my HS friend)—location: Alpharetta, GA
i’m a part of this bad boy. got lots of work to still do…bachelorette parties, showers and all that hoopla and jazz. stephanie and rob are good people, this wedding is sure to be filled with major craziness and tons of greek galore given that i think she’s invited all of greece to attend. i anticipate drunk good times at this bad boy.

Kevin and Jenny (Mike’s old coworker)—location: Tulum, Mexico
damn sure looking forward to this bad boy. i mean mexico for pete’s sake…six days all
inclusive…YES PLEASE! mike and i are taking some extra time to enjoy the trip for
ourselves…and no, we’re not selfish! never met either of these two so it should be an
interesting affair. i’m just hoping for no sun poisoning and such like that but plan to drink many bahama mammas and tequila shooters and hope that the water is safe for sure.

So, if you're looking for me at some point this can probably find me in a cocktail dress, cutting up the dance floor and watching one of our friends/family say "I do!". Here's to a fun wedding season of 2010 and hopes to be planning my own someday SUPER soon!

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Colleen said...

I feel your pain. Five weddings this year in five separate states. WTF? But they all came to mine, so... SHOUT!

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