Friday, January 29, 2010

Boot Camp is for Masochists

So the worst is over...right? Well, I sure as heck hope so. Needless to say, I'm pretty impressed with the dedication and persistence that both Patsy and I have had through this torture. So we're 3 days in and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling some pain (and I know Patsy Cline is too) but it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. (sidenote, I think I'll be eating my words later.)

Day 2, It went something like this: (6PM class)
Typical warm up--Lunge stretch, sit ups, plank (damn you are evil), push ups and the squats that I love, I mean loathe. Then the fun began...cause you see a Masochist would call this fun.

Broad Jumps for 100 meters then sprint back...5 times. I'm sorry, WHAT? Do they not realize I'm a midget and by midget I mean almost 5'1ish...that's a whole lotta jumpin and running. All this followed by BCC--Boot Camp Cindy (I hope we don't re-visit this bad boy). This 'fun activity' includes AMRAP (boot camp lingo for: As Many Reps As Possible) 5 pull ups on the railing, 10 pushups and 15 squats. The number to beat was 17 from the morning class...and you know I LOVE a challenge, so of course, I put in 18.5 of these bad boys in 20 minutes. That's a total of:
-270 Squats
-180 Pushups
-90 Pullups
Holy Crap Much? I mean I seriously don't know where I get this energy/power/determination from but I suppose keep it coming. Final task of the day...400 meter run, not bad right? Except for my lungs were frozen!

Day 3, It went something like this: (6:30AM class)
So I was less sore than I thought after that brutal squat-a-licious day I had yesterday...that is until warm up began and the pain of the prior 2 days set in. So as the sun is still sleeping, Patsy and I shimmy on to our warm up, the usual stuff, nada there to report since well, we do it everytime. But today's actual word...BRUTAL!

We get split on to teams--3 teams, 4 people a piece. Suicides...I don't like these or suicides of any kind to be honest. But these were extra rough this morning. It seemed like we had to run to Alabama and back...which I mean I love Alabama and all, but not at 6:30am when I'm running in the chilly willy cold. Then we saunter (I really like the word saunter) on over to the 'Circle of Death' where our teams 'compete' in a challenge of sorts. 10 Burpees (or in laymens terms...up-downs) and 10 step-ups times the number of peeps in your group...7 times. UGHHHHH! So that means 40 of these bad boys per group per round. Needless to say, that it was a joy. But wait, there's more! You want me to do how many situps in 4 minutes....oh gracious.

The one thing about this boot camp I do like is the guys who run it (Mike, Jon and Patrick) are pretty encouraging without making me want to kick them in the face. So week one, DONE. Bring on the next three...I think.


Andy said...

How about evening bootcamp followed by morning bootcamp??? Sucks just a bit don't it? I am kinda impressed that they have you guys doing AMRAPs already. Week one in the books, hooray! Wonder what week two is going to bring. Bring on the Pain Train!!! Woo - Woo!

M.A.E. said...

Can you tell the pain-train to leave me alone? Back to back was pretty rough...not going to lie man.

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