Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where's Melissa...Similar to Where's Waldo, but on the weekends only and I don't wear red stripes!

If you haven't figured out by life doesn't move at the pace of a snail but more so at the pace of a really face cheetah running through the jungle! This is no joke. I mean let's be honest. I juggle work, dance, boot camp, training/running 5K's and warrior dashes, my friends, family and oh wait, Mike too!

My social life starts to speed up oh, ya know, this weekend! It seems that there isn't much down time to relax or hang by the pool this year, well not til July/August anyways. Some highlights of what I have going on (cause I know you're all DYING to know!)

-Jan 30: Tarton Trot 5K (woo hoo!)
-Feb 13: OYSTERFEST!!! (insert big yay here!)
-Mar 12: St. Baldricks (where Mike shaves his head for Kid's Cancer)
-Mar 13: Um, MY BIRTHDAY!
{here is where the real fun begins}
-Apr 10: Tyler's wedding
-Apr 17: Steph Bachelorette party 1
-Apr 24: Steph Wedding Shower/Twilight in Athens, GA
-Apr 28-May 2: Vegas Vacation (side trip to Zion Nat'l Park)
-May 13-16: Steph Bachelorette Party 2 (Destin, FL! YAY)
-May 19: David Copperfield (watch yourself fool!)
-May 19-26: Britney in town (biggest YAY yet!!!!!!)
-May 28-31: Maureen's wedding
-June 5: Kristy's wedding
-June 12: Stephanie's wedding

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Britney said...

I am so glad I got the biggest YAY!!! So excited to see you. I miss my Mel:) 111 days!

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