Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Mr. Sinus Infection....

Two weekends in a row I've been down for the count. First food poisoning and now a sinus infection. I mean really!? Let's hope February brings better health. Perhaps its because I run myself ragged working out 6 days a week multiple hours a day...or maybe it's because I hate orange juice and this is vitamin C's way of retaliating, either way...I'd like it to kick back to the way it was- healthy style. I'd also like to ask this guy, Mr. Mucus (pictured to the right) to take a hike and bring on the pretty smells of spring!

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Andy said...

Eww, sorry to hear about you being sick! You should really embrace the Vitamin C bandwagon as well as some Zicam with the rest of your medication!!! Get better soon!

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