Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check Photography Off the List!

We're only really responsible for a few big pieces of our wedding. Thankfully, where we are getting married handles about 85% of our items (ie: cake, flowers, design, food and alcohol)...the rest (ie: photography, music, invitations) is about all that is left. Well put a check mark to the left of photography because we finally decided on one!

I had set up five appointments in the Atlanta area with photographers that I found via recommendation or website/blog. I met with four and then questioned meeting with the fifth just because well, I was tired of asking the same questions and getting similar answers. I felt like they were all the same and didn't' know how to choose. I sure am happy I decided to meet with the fifth photographer that I booked appointments with cause well, we choose them!

Mike and I agreed on Scobey Photography! A husband and wife couple (Graham and Ashley) will be capturing our day. Not only are they awesome photographers with a great storytelling style...they're pretty cool to boot. Their website and photos from previous shoots won Mike over and helped sealed the deal on our decision. I knew that getting along with the photographer was important and when I left the meeting, Graham said "Even if you don't book with us, we should all get pizza sometime, you sound like the kind of people we want to hang out with!" That might have won me over before I even showed Mike their website/blog.

So Graham and Ashley, if you're reading this....I think we'll take you up on that pizza deal and good news, you get to hang out with us ALL day/night on April 30, 2011! Prepare yourself!


Three Scobeys said...

Yay! We are super excited that we will be able to be a part of your big day (and about pizza... we get very excited about pizza)

Britney said...

Yay! I am so excited you picked the photographers I liked the best. There work it great. Good thing you gave them a heads up on your wedding. It will def be the party of the year:)

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