Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Most Awesome Vacation Ever!

Our trip to Las Vegas this year will forever be in memory. It will be remembered as my last trip as a 'single' lady with a boyfriend as well as my first trip as an engaged lady with a fiance! Crazy how those two things can encompass one trip, but well, it did. So here's how it all went down!

My girlfriend, Kerri, and I hit up Jimmy Buffett with a few other friends Tuesday night to start the week off right. We sang, danced, drank and froze our little booties off! My alarm went off shortly after 5:30am on Wednesday (ouch!) and I finished packing up and made my way to the ATL airport where I would fly first class (yay) to Las Vegas. Three screwdrivers, a diet coke and about an hour nap later I arrived in Sin City. Mike wasn't due to get in til about 3pm that day so I hung out with his parents, who by the way rock, did a little shopping and took a nap. Mike finally arrived at the Marriott around 5pm with his rental car (mind you I thought we were taking his sisters car on our trip to Zion) but not just any rental car...a Lotus Elise! We took that bad boy for a spin up and down the strip and then headed to P.F. Changs for an early dinner.

Thursday we got up early and packed the Lotus (with what little trunk space it had) and headed on out to Zion National Park, about a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas. The drive was gorgeous and Mike was quieter than usual, none the less, a good drive and went by pretty quick. We arrived around 11am in Zion and stopped for lunch at SwitchBack Jacks Sports Bar. I knew something was up when Mike ordered a sandwich and only ate 2 bites because he said stomach was in knots and didn't feel well (little did he know that I was on to him)! We headed out to hike shortly after lunch. The hike to Angels Landing is about 5 miles (2.5 miles in and 2.5 miles out). The first 2 miles took us just shy of 45 minutes where we reached a landing before cruising on up to the main point of Angels Landing. I made it about another 100 yards before I had a panic attack and threw a hissy fit and wanted to get down. It was BEYOND scary. There are only chain link hand rails to hold on to at this point and another .5 miles of straight up and down hills...needless to say, I didn't make it! Lucky for me, Mike figured before we went that I wouldn't be able to do it (nice of him huh?!) so he planned to hike to the West Rim, about a .25 mile to the west of Angels Landing for the same view and "perfect spot". It was there that Mike got on one knee and told me something along the lines of "I love you and every day with you is amazing....will you marry me?" to which I don't even know if I actually said Yes, I just remember hugging and taking the ring and saying "it's beautiful!" Thankfully, a lady showed up and was able to capture a shot of us just after we got engaged...what's crazy is, we never saw her again (there is only one way in and one way out of this place...creepy huh?). We stayed up on West Rim for a few moments, captured a few pictures and enjoyed our first minutes of being engaged. We headed down through Walters Wiggle, Refrigerator Canyon and back out the trail where we checked into our room and ran off to make a few phone calls in town seeing as we didn't have cell phone service right in Zion National Park. Dinner that night was at Parallel 88 which was by far, the best food/dinner we have EVER had. It was a six course meal prepared just for us with delicious wine and an awesome chef to boot! It was a perfect ending to an amazingly perfect day. Mike went above and beyond to make our proposal so memorable and fantastic. I have truly lucked out with one amazing guy.

We headed back to Las Vegas on Friday morning where his family had a champagne happy hour for us and we got to enjoy being one whole Morris/Clarke clan. Later that night, Mike's sister, Melissa and her husband, Jack and the two of us went to dinner at Cabo Wabo (which by the way charges $8 for a freaking bottled beer and $4 for a soda) and then hit up Napoleon's dueling piano bar in Paris casino for a dang good time! The rest of the weekend was filled with some gambling, pool time, a great dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club and seeing PeepShow at Planet Hollywood starring Holly Madison (sidenote: Holly Madison is much less good looking in person and she will make you feel good about yourself after you see her!). Our awesome weekend came to an end on Sunday when we had to head back home to Atlanta for the wedding planning and back to reality time to begin.

So here's to the next 361 days of planning and fun and I think I can speak for both Mike and I that we can't wait for April 30, 2011 to get here!! You can read about us, our life and our wedding here: http://evansmorris.ourwedding.com/

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