Friday, May 21, 2010

Warrior State of Mind

So this weekend it might be inevitable that I end up in the hospital. I'm pretty much the most accident prone person I know and embarking on a 5k run with 11 obstacles, also known as WARRIOR DASH well, may not be the smartest idea. Hell, who said you have to be smart all the time?!

So indeed, I shall do Warrior Dash tomorrow in the lovely (I think) town of Mountain City, GA. About 30 of our friends are heading up towards the area and renting a cabin on Lake Burton. Tomorrow we will adorn ourselves in silly costumes and prepare ourselves for um, "battle" as they call it. This said battle includes a 5k run (about 3.2 miles) and then the obstacles below:

*Knee High Hell (through tires)
*Leap Frog (from one platform to another in water)
*Muddy Mayhem (through mud under barb wire)
*Warrior Roast (leap over fire)
*Junkyard Jam (jump over car)
*Warrior Wall (climb wall)
*Breathless Bog (crawl over logs in water)
*Cliffhanger (rappel down side of wall)
*Black Forest (no freaking idea!)
*Tunnel of Terror (crawl through big black tunnels)
*Cargo Climb (climb up cargo net)

God Help Me! I really am only doing it because I feel like I was peer pressured into it and well, because I want the viking helmet you get after finishing! Should be a totally good time. Here's to hoping that I don't have to visit the hospital this weekend and if I do, I hope it's for one damn good reason!

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