Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming Together Nicely...With a Pretty White Bow and All!

Most girls dream about their wedding day for some time before it actually happens. I'm one of those girls. I've been in love with these colors, flowers, design, music and venue type since I can remember. Thankfully, my fiance is in agreement on almost all of this! Here's a little glimpse of what our big day will look like!

After visiting a few locations for our wedding, we have decided to get married at Flint Hill. It is a gorgeous antebellum home built in 1835 with southern charm. Flint Hill is located in historic Norcross, GA, just minutes from Atlanta. Our ceremony will take place under the gorgeous cherry tree and lights out on the back patio and we'll bring it on inside for a night of dancing and fun!

As far as our color palette goes, we're going with a modern yet classy look with a 'spiced wine and kiwi' combination with slate grey accents. I love the thought of darker colors with a bright pop so this color combo will work perfect with my, I mean our, vision! So far it's been fairly painless to find stuff to fit this color palette!
Our design and 'theme' if you will is Fleur de Lis. I've always been a fan of this emblem and Mike has a tie back to New Orleans so it seemed to fit us to have this as part of the design. It's kind of ironic that our color palette screams Mardi Gras and so does our design, yet um, that wasn't what we were going for!
For flowers and band, well, you'll have to check back. I've got a few things up my sleeve! If all sticks to the plan, it's going to be nothing short of amazing!

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