Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Irene's A-Comin'

She's coming down the track and heading straight for the Bahamas and East Coast!
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After today's recent shakes due to a 5.9 Earthquake on the East Coast, I don't know if they are ready for Irene to make her appearance. According to the latest maps, Irene is going to pound onto the Bahamas and East Coast at a CAT 3 Hurricane.

Thank goodness both the weddings we attended in Charleston were the last 2 weekends rather than this upcoming weekend. Also, our upcoming cruise is set to port out of Miami, FL. We're heading out on the Royal Caribbean 'Majesty of the Seas' to Atlantis, Cococay and Key West. Thankfully, we're heading out on September 5 rather than on the cruise right now. Sadly the cruise that is out now has to do a diverted path and will miss out on Cococay ... talk about right timing!

Hunker down folks ... she's a-comin'!
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