Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten Things Your Pooch Wants You To Know

Saw this over at Hello Miss Chelsea  today and knew I just had to share! Miss Kona is one of my absolute favorite things in the world and I am so grateful that my hubby and I made the choice to get her this past November. While she can sometimes be a bother when I'm trying to focus or get stuff done, I know that when I take even a few seconds to praise her or scratch her belly, she savors those moments and appreciates them greatly. I'm a firm believer that a pet is a part of the household and I can attest that Miss Kona is 100% a member of our family!

Reading this today made me take a step back and remember that Miss Kona is precious to both my hubby and I as well as our family and friends. It's important that she knows how much we love her everyday!
Miss Kona
Ten Things Your Dog Wants You To Know

1 - My life will probably only last 7 to 14 years. It will hurt me more than you know if I have to be away from you for longer than a day or two.

2 - If you have patience with me and give me time to learn what you would like from me, I can promise you, you will never be disappointed.

3 - Trust me with your life and have faith in our future together. If I don't feel that you honestly believe in me, I will suffer great emotional stress. My sense of self-worth is totally dependent upon your confidence in me.

4 - Don't stay mad at me for long or confine me to a cage to punish me. You have your friends, your job, and your recreation. I HAVE ONLY YOU!

5 - Talk to me about anything you want as frequently as possible. Even if I can't comprehend your precise words, I can understand the meaning of what you're telling me by the tone of your voice.

6 - Remember no matter how you treat me, I will NEVER forget it.

7 - When you consider raising your hand to hit me, remember I have teeth that could break the bones in your hand, but I choose not to bite you.

8 - Before you scream at me for failing to respond to your commands as I usually do, take time to think about what might be wrong with me that would cause me to treat you differently. Maybe I haven't been eating right or drinking enough water. Or maybe my age is catching up with me and I just can't do what I used to do.

9 - Take good care of me when I get old. Someday you will be as old as me and you will see how it feels.

10 - Be there for me through good times and bad. Never say you can't handle taking me to the vets for stitches or surgery. Nothing could make me feel worse. Everything in my life is easier for me to deal with when I have you standing by my side. Remember my love for you is unconditional and it will last for your entire life.

Make sure you love on your pet, whatever it may be, each and every day. I can promise you one thing, they will return the favor!

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