Friday, July 30, 2010

9 Months to Go!

Today is exactly nine months til we say 'I Do'! OMG I could have a baby in that time.... Just playing, but no really, that's how long. about 40 more weeks til we're married, crazy huh?
I feel like things are under control. I don't think the word bridezilla has crossed mine or anyone I'm in the planning fun with so far. I've been much more even keeled than I or anyone else thought I'd be during this process...and yes...I realize there is still 274 days left for me to change, but I don't think I will.

I keep up with The Knot and as a good bride, keep up with my checklist of items to do! This month, well really 6-8 months out, there are 7 items to check off. I've got 1.5 of them done. According to them, I have until October 30 to complete these and I'm sure I will.

As you can see, that second one with the check mark is only 1/2 way done. Our engagement pictures came out good and we've picked our save the date (stay tuned for all that), we're just waiting for them to be printed so that we can go ahead and mail them out. Unlike a lot of brides and grooms, Mike and I are only sending these to family, out of town guests, bridal party and a few special friends that we feel would want/need them. Everyone else can check out our website for more information!

Next up, the check list below. We haven't even tackled one of these items yet and I feel like Mike's attire might be a challenge as we're not seeing eye to eye on this!

Let the games begin!

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