Monday, July 26, 2010

childhood haunts

Is there one thing that you always relate to a bad dream or bad time in your life? For me, they are thunderstorms.

When I was younger, a traumatic thing happened to my family. About this same time, I had gone off to Girl Scout camp (go ahead and laugh, you know you went too...). During one of my trips to camp, a tornado blew through our campsite and I found myself in a ditch, shaking, crying and fearing for my life. Up until recently, I associate bad storms with this memory and the rough time in my family's life.

So tonight, when I am home alone, as Mr. Mike is in Chicago on business, I think back to those moments and realize how much I've grown and matured. I used to sit in the corner and shake and cry when storms happened, now I can sit and watch them in awe, still not in love with them and wish someone was home with me, but at peace with what memories they bring and what they do for the ecosystem.

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