Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest List Drama

If you were to ask my friends a few years ago what the size of my wedding and wedding party would be, they'd have said, "about 300 guests and probably 10 people on each side". My friends are crazy enough to even have started the "Melissa Evans best friends fan club" page on Facebook. My the times have changed.

My mom and I have been battling this 'Guest List' for weeks now. I keep saying I can't cut it anymore and she keeps saying that I have to add this person and that person. Mama Mia this is harder than I thought. While in fact, I do have a lot of friends, a good chunk of those will not be invited to our big day. I know that a few of them will be hurt and upset, but honestly, there isn't anything I can do. It's been the hardest part in the whole planning of the wedding. Our venue seats about 160 comfortably and right now our list is rounding out at 181. Now they say only plan for 70-80% of the people invited so that will give us about 128-145 people...big range huh!? With my luck, everyone will come and then we'll be wishing we'd have cut the list.

We're heading to our first of two appointments to look at wedding invitations today. I hope to not blow budget on these bad boys but I have some real unique and modern (yet traditional) ideas in mind. Here's to hoping I find something cool and we can get past this "Guest List" drama!


Anonymous said...

good luck with the battle, ours was neverending, ended up invited 201 people and had 159 come!

We designed/printed our own invites because we couldn't find anything we liked that was modern and budget friendly!

Michael said...

thanks! so far we've settled the issue and i was able to find invites that fit the budget and "theme" of the wedding, so score for that!

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