Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zedonk Fever!

It's a Zebra. It's a Donkey. No, It's a Zedonk (also known as a zonkey!). My dream to see one in person has finally come true. I MUST go to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve...and SOON! This animal is ADORABLE...zedonk ya think? {ha get it? nice play on words right?}You can read all about the little zedonk here and learn more about its home at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve here. You really should check this place out. It's pretty cheap and a great day trip for kids...I mean come on, I've been there at least 2 times!

Mike and I love zedonk's/zonkeys. Take a trip back down memory lane here to Urban Race 2010. Our team name..."Lemme Ride That Zonkey Zonkey". LOVE IT! Here's us before the race started in our Zonkey gear!

So here's to you little zedonk. Get ready, cause momma's coming to visit!

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Katie said...

So cute! I would love to see one of those. :)

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