Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party, Party, Party let's all get....Married?!

Our engagement party went off with a hitch this past weekend! Thank you again to our parents and my brother & sis-n-law for hosting and making it everything we wanted! We should have some pictures later this week and I'll be sure to share! Mike and I got lots of fun goodies off our registries and some really cool items that were not. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate!

Just a few updates on what's going on in the bridal world here! Please note, still have yet to turn into Bridezilla :)

**I've decided on my shoes! After trying on both colors and comparing with bridesmaid dresses and really thinking hard...I've decided to go with...the blue satin ones! I think they will be just perfect for my wedding day!
**Can't find jewelry to save my life at the current moment. I know I want some earrings and some big ole pretty ones at that! I've been searching high and low for these bad boys. I've now taken the advice of another bride friend of mine (thanks, Megan) and started searching at bridal stores. So far, I've hit up Priscilla of Boston and found 2 pairs...who knew they had such nice stuff (and somewhat pricey!).

**Rehearsal Dinner is BOOKED! YAY! Thanks to Mike's mom and dad for booking this so soon and at a great location! With about 50-55 ppl that will be in attendance, we had to have a place that can hold all of us and still provide a nice and good time! It'll be held at the 173 Carlyle House , also located in historic Norcross. Mike and I will be going to a tasting on the 12th of this month to test out the food...can't wait!
**Ordered Lizzie, our flower girl, a pretty little dress! I sure hope it ships soon and fits! I can't wait to see how it looks on her!

So far things are going pretty well, as you can see. No stress, no issues and clear sailing! I sure hope that keeps up!

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