Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stamps cost how much?

I arrived at the post office office ready to purchase stamps for our Save the Dates. I saw some cute 'wedding related' stamps and thought oh, I must have those! $0.61 PER STAMP? Say what? I call that unreal, I also call myself stupid because I sat there and bought 3 sheets of those and 3 of the regular set of 'Forever stamps'. $63 freaking dollars later and I was set ... for now at least. I've managed to burn through all the cute wedding ones and have seriously started to ponder what stamps to use for our wedding invites. I can't even begin to think how much the stamps for those bad boys are going to cost!

But on to the real excitement...our Save the Dates! Here's a sneak peak at how they turned out!

Don't they look cute? These pretty little gems will be heading out to the depths of the US Postal Service come Monday morning! WOO - HOO!

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