Wednesday, August 25, 2010

decisions. decisions.

I finally decided on a wedding shoe...(insert big YAY here). Except here's the hold up... I can't decide which color!

I ordered my original pair of shoes off Piperlime in the Bordo color, size 7.5. They were going to be just perfect, I knew it! However, after I had ordered this pretty shoes, my sister-in-law informed me that they had them at Nordstrom (the Perimeter location) in a gorgeous steel blue color.

A curious mind is what I have. So my mom and I sauntered on over to Nordstrom this past Sunday to check the shoes out and to make sure I liked them and to see the "other" color. Turns out there were two new issues.

1). I ordered the wrong size from Piperlime. I got a 7.5 and needed a 7.
2). I loved the blue color just as much as the color I ordered online.

The shoes from Piperlime arrived yesterday...I was hoping I didn't like the Bordo color as much as the blue to make my decision easier. WRONG! I love them both. So now I have 3 problems.

1). The ones from Piperlime are the wrong size
2). I love the blue color
3). I love the bordo color
So what's a bride to do? The blue will be perfect for the "Something Blue" and be a great compliment to my dress (which is a vanilla/ivory color and not white). The bordo color will possibly match my bridesmaid dresses I've picked and also be a compliment to my dress.

So far I'm pretty torn about which pair to keep. I mean technically I can keep both, but seems just silly. So if you were me, what would you pick?

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Pint Size Baker said...

The bordo color looks sexier on your foot. I know it's the same style shoe but the bordo just looks more "you". Also, you can wear it with so many things after your wedding!

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