Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge : Day 27-30

Day 27 : Pets

I wish I could say I had a pet at home....well I do...but he lives at my parents. His name is Bailey and he is ADORABLE! He's getting to be pretty old these days, he'll be 9 in December. I wish I had a photo of him on my computer, but I don't. Here's one I stole off Google so you can see exactly HOW CUTE a little daschund is! Ours is black and tan with long hair and a personality the size of Texas!

When Mike and I do get a pet, we're looking into some of these breeds
Mini Schnauzer
Scottish Terrier
Day 28: Something That Stresses You Out

What doesn't stress me out! Current stresses include the following:

-Packing for our trip
-The next 2 weeks
-Christmas shopping
-The Wedding
-What I'll wear on NYE (yes, I'm serious)
-My hair

Day 29: 3 Wishes

I like playing genie.....

Wish 1: That everyone in my life could be happy! Not that I don't have happy friends and family, but it seems that when one is up, another is down. I wish there was a happy medium that encompassed everyone and everything!

Wish 2: That my dad could come back and work at home. It's so hard on my mom to run the house, family and the family business! I know it's been good for my dad to travel and experience "real job life" again but it's getting tiring on everyone involved!

Wish 3: My closest friends lived....CLOSER! One in Egypt, LA, and even tough Kerri is in GA, she's still a solid 30-40 min away! Maybe one day we'll all be living in a radius of 10 miles :) A girl can dream, right?!

Day 30: A Picture

Here's an awesome photo of some of my girlfriends from a wedding this past weekend! 

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Kit said...

Great picture

JOHN CHRIS said...

The Post on Day 29: 3 Wishes, are so inspirational and calls for sober reflection on life and living.

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