Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There has got to be some light at the end of this tunnel...

The days are getting colder, the time is passing quicker. The holidays are here and I'm finding myself wrapped up in other stuff and not enough time spent on myself, my relationship with my HTB or on our wedding plans. My stress level is increasing and the tasks are also increasing. How will I last the next 179 days. I'm not sure that I can to be quite honest.

The past few weeks I've been less than stellar and in less than stellar moods. I go to bed frustrated and stressed and {shocker} wake up that way as well. It's getting quite draining and annoying if you ask me, my family, co-workers, friends and Mike. They all see I'm wearing and tearing and can see how tense I am. Part of this cause, I'm blaming my baby blocker pills. About 3 months ago they started sending me generic versions of my BC meds. I've been on the same meds for almost 5 years and now a change, probably not the best idea. It wasn't until this month that I tested out the new drugs. Needless to say, this is the first and last month they will hopefully be in my system. I can tell a change like never before. But it's a generic, it shouldn't do that right...well for me and my body, that's a big WRONG! I get frustrated more easily than usual, I go postal on situations that could be taken care of with a easy conversation yet react like it's the worst thing in the world. My yelling, anger and attitude has taken a nose dive. So bare with me as I'm trying to adjust and get back on my regular medicine.

This is the design for our invites but clearly they will be
customized for us! 
I'm meeting my mom today to order our invitations and pick out the wedding programs. The original programs I picked are pretty pricey so I'm hoping I find a better option price wise that'll be just as nice. I'm still in love with our invites and can't wait to get them back here all printed up and out in the mail! As far as other wedding goodies go, I've been working hard on table number cards and gift tags for our thank yous. I've mentioned before, but my awesome print vendor for my corporate work is doing my print jobs on these items for free! I was pretty excited to hear that and you can imagine I jumped on the thank you for that immediately. Here's an idea of what we're doing for table numbers.

one of our table numbers

The theme is "Love across the nations ... Love here tonight". Each table number will be the word love in a different language. It was pretty hard to scrape up 15, but I think I'm happy with how it turned out. To go along with this theme and keeping in my "traditional with a twist" wedding, a seating chart board with a similar idea is being made. I'm dreading making the "actual" seating chart but the board should be pretty fun. MOH Kerri and our friend, Wendi, and I will be going this weekend to get a start on it. I can't wait to see how it'll turn out. I'm all about tradition, but just tradition in how I see it is a bit different!

Honeymoon plans are coming along nicely. Mike works on it a couple days at a time and finds things for us to do on each island we'll be visiting. The closer it gets, the more I'll know. Right now, I don't know much cause well, he hasn't told me! The scanning of the pictures for the slideshow, not so nicely on the other hand. It's an act of God to find time to get this done. We have about 100+ pictures we need to scan/organize and find music for and we're struggling BIG time on this. How I see it, I need to just buckle down, say no to an invitation to go out one night and start to knock it out. I've asked Mike to help, so we'll see if he does! Both Groomsmen gifts and Bridesmaid gifts have been ordered and received. I must admit, we did a good job! I sure hope that the recipients will like them as we put some thought (definitely put thought on the girls gifts!) into them. I look forward to our bridesmaid luncheon when I get to hand them out!

On tap this week: re-gaining my sanity and a friend's wedding! Mike will be heading to Panama City Beach, FL to volunteer for IM Florida in hopes that he'll make the cut for signing up for the 2011 Ironman Florida race. It's about a 99.9% chance he will so he's pretty excited to sign up and start working on a training plan....God help us! I'll be attending our friend(s) Erin and Andy's wedding on Saturday and can't wait for the celebration. They're good friends of ours and all of our other buddies will be there too. Hate to go alone, but at least I'll have lots of people to chat and dance with! Next week we're off to Mexico for a friend of Mike's wedding. We'll be there for 6 days and can't wait! Never been to Mexico so I'm excited to check it out and participate in another couples wedding!

Our November is packed full of stuff to do most nights and weekends...here's to hoping I survive through it and come out in a better mood, more cheery on the other side!

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