Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Earned!

The Atlanta Half Marathon and Thanksgiving 5K kicked off on a slightly muggy, yet mild Thanksgiving morning. It took us what seemed like FOREVER to get to the parking lot since the highway full of runners was a total parking lot. Mike and I and some of our friends were all racing and then meeting up to take pictures and gab about the course/times and maybe even drink a beer :)

While they were all running the Half Marathon, I stuck to the 5K. My goal, though I haven't been training, was to finish in under 40 minutes. Needless to say, I made that happen. Coming in at a solid (barely under) 39 minutes. I was content yet not too pleased as I wished I had done better ... say 30-36 minutes. I've deduced since the race that I need to work on my cadence and speed work to get faster. While I was able to run much further and longer during this race than ever before, I hope to be running a 10K full steam by February and a half marathon by end of March.

Maria, Courtney and I post race and facing RIGHT into the sun
our crew post race
Needless to say, we all earned our turkey this Thanksgiving. Congrats to everyone who raced and earned theirs too!

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