Monday, April 4, 2011

26 Days and Counting!

I just can't believe we're only 26 days away! Our RSVP deadline is fast approaching and so far we're looking to be right on that 150 attendee target! I have my final planning meeting to turn in numbers, plan, etc on the all seems so surreal that it's so close.

Yesterday, some of my wedding elves (aka Lauren and Kerri) joined me once again at my parents house.We got a lot done! Here are a few shots of exactly how we spent our day!

shakers for our 'getaway'

150 mason jars filled with ivory M&M's!

final product! our favors that will be at each table setting for our guests

our gorgeous seating chart board ... thanks, Danialle!

outer envelope to go on the seating chart board...still not finished!

We're nearing the end. We've secured our paper and embossing items for our programs and have still have to get the final items for our Out of Town guest bags. We still have a few big items left, but I feel assured that by the end of this week or next, it'll all be finished (hopefully) so I can enjoy the final days of our engagement and mentally prep for the wedding!

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Kamie said...

Isn't it crazy how it seems like time flies as the date gets closer? You will get everything done though and it looks like you have some great helpers!!

Tiffany said...

The "melt in your heart not in your hand" line is awesome!


Brittany said...

Your favors are too cute! It looks like your wedding will be beautiful!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Everything turned out great! You're making great progress! That's very sweet of your girls to help you too!

I feel like my to-do list will never get done, but just trying to work at it each day. This weekend i'm hoping will be a productive one! :)

Melissa said...

Nicole-Lynn ... it will! I feel like mine is still a mile long, but never fear our shared wedding day is ALMOST here!!!

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