Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprise ... Sort Of!

A big thank you to my sweet friends and coworkers, Maria and Vanessa, for organizing the shower at my office today. While it was supposed to be a surprise, I knew about it ... yes I realize I ruin all surprises! They did surprise me a little with Mike and my Mom being there though! My work is more than just a job, it's part of my 'family'. I've been working here since 2006 (well I was gone for 1 year) and most of the time, I love my job and work environment! We scored some awesome Pottery Barn gifts : all of our glasses and they pretty much finished out our everyday dishes on the registry! All of these items are VERY much appreciated as is the effort put forth by my work family! 

gift time! 
presents and cake
"Look, a cup!"
YUMMY cake!
tag team gift opening!
checking out our cereal bowls!
Thanks everyone for participating and joining for lunch and cake and most of all, for making Mike and I feel special and loved. You guys are awesome!!

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