Thursday, April 28, 2011


Parts of my beloved college town, Tuscaloosa, AL, were leveled yesterday by twisters. What seemed like almost a mile in diameter tornado ripped through the gorgeous college town. While it spared Bryant-Denny Stadium and the main campus itself, it tore up and demolished other parts of the town including the new construction that was just built a year or two ago.

The Taco Casa I used to frequent, gone. McAlisters suffered damage, the Wendys...demolished. The mall, gas stations, Krispy Kreme and Milos, totally unrecognizable. I can't imagine what it really looks like in person but it's gut wrenching to see the images, coverage on TV and facebook posts. The death tolls are rising in both Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and beyond. I pray peace on all that have to deal with this royal mess!

The images are so saddening, especially if you have a tie to the town. My heart breaks for those students and residents, business owners and lovers of Tuscaloosa in general. I know the surrounding towns and all over the southeast have been pounded with these storms over the last 48 hours and my heart breaks for each and everyone of you affected by these nasty storms.

Here are some shots and a link to a video of the madness that hit Tuscaloosa yesterday.
holy funnel cloud
McFarland and 15th ... what used to be Milo's

Tuscaloosa's Bryant-Denny Stadium Survives Alabama Tornado Outbreak - SB Nation Atlanta

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Saying I do said...

I'm so sorry Melissa, this is so devastating. My thoughts are with the people affected by these storms.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

ugh that is just awful. we had tornadoes here too but luckily nothing too bad. it's so scary to know so many people have died because of all the tornadoes this week.

Kamie said...

This is terrible, so sad. My prayers are with everyone affected.

Nicole-Lynn said...

That is very sad! It is so terrible how quickly everything happened.

On a happy note, congratulations on your marriage! So happy for you! My wedding (on the very same day as yours) was just absolutely beautiful. The weather, people, fun... it all went well. I hope the same for you! Hope you're enjoying Hawaii and looking forward to hearing all about it as well as your wedding day soon! :)

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