Thursday, April 14, 2011

Final Numbers and Planning!

Mike and I had our final planning session to confirm all of our decor, facility, numbers, etc. yesterday with our venue. Thankfully, our estimated number of 150 is now an actual number of 139. We'll actually have a few more at the ceremony than at the reception, but all in all I'm 100% happy with this number (and thankfully so were my parents!).

Now the final things are being done and organized. I have one more really long call with our wedding director set for the week of the wedding and then we'll be DONE and ready for the big day. I can't believe it's almost here. 16 more days until I'm officially MRS. MORRIS ... although my work email already says it (dang you Lotus Notes support!).

After a three hour stint to get the programs printed at Kinkos, Lauren and I were done with it all and on our loopy train. I picked them up yesterday and started the embossing process. I made one full program just to see how it looks. While I'm not 100% in love with it, I think it looks good and will definitely work. Programs are something I think are a good addition to a wedding, but not totally necessary so I didn't think spending a ton of money on them was worth it. Not to mention, if we did them ourselves, I could use my super awesome embossing tools and heat gun! I'm halfway done embossing and still have to assemble, really hoping to get these cranked out by the end of the weekend.

In other news, for all you fellow brides to be, past brides and future. Here's a hysterical e-card I received today from our sweet friend, Nicole. She knows I've bickered about people not RSVPing or waiting until the absolute last minute!
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I also got the best chuckle from a friend of ours last night as well. I got a FEDEX letter sent to the house and was quite confused when I saw who it was from. I ripped it open and low and behold, there was a RSVP card in it. Thankfully I had already included them in the headcount as I knew they were attending. They win funniest way to RSVP and an A+ for actually sending it since I still have people who emailed and told me rather than using the RSVP/RSVP envelope I provided!

Needless to say, my breakdown that I'm expecting still hasn't happened which is an awesome thing. I think I've got it mostly under control. If I can make it through next week at the office, we're in the home stretch to wedding and honeymoon good times. Here's to hoping!

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The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i'm glad that you have your rsvps in order! ps...loved the little comic. too funny!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey in the homestretch! :) I can only laugh at that cute RSVP cartoon above... SERIOUSLY! We had so many just tell us in person they were coming, some assumed, and one replied with "Will attend" ok... who are you? lol It was a nightmare trying to get all the RSVP's but we finished our counts yesterday too. We also gave our venue the final count, and finalized our contract.

I have a lot to do still.. I'm so jealous of you being pretty much done! Enjoy these last couple weeks... eeeek! :)

Saying I do said...

Haha i LOVE that e-card i've seen it before and ti's sooo true! Our RSVP is this coming Monday and we are still waiting on 80...EIGHTY Replies!! CAn you even believe it?? It's honestly one of my biggest pet-peeves, I will never understand how people can be so rude!

Good luck getting your programs done! Home stretch!

Melissa said...

Oh my 80!?!?! That's just crazy! Is it friends or family or a mix? It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine too. The day I get a RSVP card, I send it back!!Hope you get them all in

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