Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Act of God....

That's about how I feel about losing weight. I mean come the heck on. I am either going to be this size for the rest of my life or somethings gotta give. I've never been itty bitty on the weight scale, the height scale yes. Growing up I was active, yet ate like a champ. It wasn't until I stepped on the campus of The University of Alabama campus that I became aware of how everyone else looked and how I was "supposed" to look. In turn, in college I got gym crazy. I had access to our awesome REC center on campus and signed up for flag football teams galore...might I add we won the championship for the girls 2 years in a row...snazzy huh? I was able to drop about 10lbs right before graduation back in 2006. I have since plateaued at the weight/size I am now. Talk about frustration.

Since college I've had two surgeries that have made me put working out on hold for upmost of 9-12 huh? I've gained maybe 4-5lbs back that I lost back in 2006 and well, that's just not good enough for me. In fact, since about November 2009, I've gotten psycho about working out and eating right. I have stepped my game up by hitting up Dance101 3-4 days a week for cardio dance classes and some technique as well as I go to bootcamp 4-5 days a week, mostly in the mornings and sometimes after work and on Saturday's. Couple these two with a running regiment I'm using to get ready for Warrior Dash (oh this thing looks INCREDIBLE, you must check it out!). Living with a triathlete doesn't make it any easier. I swear Mike eats more calories than me, you and your friend over there a day and STILL doesn't gain anything!

You'd think I'd drop major lb's by 2 a days and the amount of working out I do right?!? WRONG! I actually told my friend, Patsy, I'd be willing to cut my arm off to lose weight. The conversation went something like this:

me: i might even give my arm to weigh 135
Patsy: oh wait. I do give money
me: haha
Patsy: well, if you gave up an arm, you'd definitely weigh less
me: well hell! get to cutting, got a saw?
Patsy: it might make burpees even harder though
me: i'll find a way
me: one armed burpees. similar to one armed jumping jacks
Patsy: that sounds like hell. i think perhaps those take place within one of Dante's rings of
hell. Perhaps the 5th one. They make you do one armed burpees

I have now decided it's time to really keep up with what I eat and watch the intake of carbs, protein and calories...not to mention fat. It's amazing to count it all up and see what it is at the end of the day. In fact, some days, I'm disgusted with how much of the "bad stuff" I eat. My coworker, Maria, turned me on to South Beach. I feel that it's time I give it a shot. She was so successful in her weight loss and keeping it off that heck, I think I can do it too. I'll keep my progress posted here every few days or weeks and let you know. Phase 1 kicks in ASAP...okay after dinner really tomorrow!

Wish me luck! What tips do you have?

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Britney said...

You will do great, just don't sweat the small stuff. If you want a cookie eat it, just not the entire package. Maybe I need to take my own advice;)

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