Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think it MIGHT be working

I'm not one to out my weight, size or all that jazz. But for this, I might. I've been a solid size 8 for at least the past year and a half. Not that a size 8 is bad, but in my warped little mind, I needed to be smaller (as in size...not height as I've got the miniature height thing already down!). I've done all the crazy stuff like diet fads, "working out", running, heck for about 2 hrs I thought about not eating at all--if you know me, you know this is a LONG period of time. This year I got hooked on this little gem...BOOTCAMP!
I've blogged about it a few times this year...mostly about how much it sucks and how it's hard blah blah blah. Now I'm here to blog that I think it might be working. The test...fitting back into a size 6 in almost EVERYTHING! I mean lets be honest here...I still eat Qdoba (food of the gods), have an occasional beer or five and eat what I please...but I do burn some serious calories at Bootcamp and Dance101 (my other awesome cardio fit way to keep in shape!) Here's what a typical workout is for me...remind 6am in the Park!

Patsy, my bootcamp cohort, and I breezed through (ok not breezed but you know what I mean) our first month of bootcamp. We liked it so much, we got another...and now we want another month. I know, we might be freaks, but hey, we both think it's helping. The number on the scale may not be in the range I want yet...but dammit my clothes fit and I look hotter than I used to (stop really, stop!). Getting up at 5:30am is a lot easier than I thought it'd be. I'm up to bootcamp 5 days a week--sometimes 4 depending on work and such--and I feel great. So great in fact I can't stop shopping because hell, everything fits better. In fact, last night I was at an event at The Limited with my friend, Kristin, and I had to buy this adorable purple (size 6 mind you) dress. I mean it was calling my name (which is precisely what I told Mike when he gave me the, "you went shopping...AGAIN" look).

So here's to another four weeks of early mornings, squats and death's for a good cause right?!? I mean it is almost bikini season!


Britney said...

Mel I am so proud of you! All you hard work is paying off. I can tell in your pictures on FB. Keep up the hard work skinny minnie!

Anonymous said...

qdoba IS the food of gods :)

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