Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friday's Favorites--Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone loves them, nobody can escape them. They are on every corner come the beginning of March! Their colorful boxes and yummy aromas are beyond tempting and lets be honest here, who is going to turn down a cute kid selling you cookies. Not this girl. I LOVE and I mean LOVE Girl Scout Cookies!! In fact, the little girl who sells them to my office gets over half her cookies sold just from my family (thanks, Jason for being a cookie monster!) These delectable cookies are pretty much the only kind of cookie I eat. I'm not prejudice against other cookies, it's just that Girl Scout cookies are the bestest ever! It takes me back to my childhood when I see the girls in their little outfits as I too, once was a Girl Scout...yeah you read that right.

I can't lie, I do have favorites. Each year I try to get a box of the new ones, but they always seem to let me down. My family is notorious for buying tons of boxes a year. However, my long-time favorites...Samoas and Tagalongs...are always there for a pick me up! Only 75 calories a pop (okay, yes I know that's a lot) I can't help but to have at least one a night, until they are all gobbled up and in my tummy!

Which box of Girl Scout cookies are your weakness?

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