Friday, March 19, 2010

I Miss My BAMA Boys!

I have these guy friends. Not just any guy friends. These guys are awesome. Smart, funny, pretty good looking and best of all, we suffered...I mean enjoyed...our years at The University of Alabama together {Can I get a Roll Tide?!} We definitely had our moments in college.

Tyler and Parker at Talladega 2006

Tyler and I used to drive around talking about anything and everything while eating popsicles. We even found out that Tuscaloosa has a toll rode...who knew!? Parker and I used to ride fake ponies in Spanish class while acting out Don Quixote and boozed a lot in Spain together. Parker's even tried to date a friend or two of mine. HA! Many a night out on the town, a flag football championship here and there, a beer or two, countless popsicles and studying for tests...oh and a drunk trip to Talladega is what made this friendship awesome.

Parker and I at Mugshots in Tuscaloosa

Tyler and I at Mugshots in Tuscaloosa

We've gone our separate ways post graduation. Parker lives in DC, Tyler in Wisconsin (mind you he's married now) and I in Atlanta. We don't talk everyday, but I can count on these guys to give me a good chuckle and always be there for me. They're a part of most of my college memories and I'm thankful for both of them.
Today, I sent them silly picture of me telling them how much I missed them. This said email sparked a redic email chain from them. Here you can see WHY they are so freaking hysterical.
From Tyler:
Haha. Parker told me that he thinks you look cute when your hair is straight. Frankly, I can't disagree with him, but mostly I miss you. Just all of you. I miss those times in Spain, where you and I would lay beneath the stars overlooking all the city. And I would lose myself in your eyes after we polished off a bottle of chardonnay. I'll never forget the day that it all started. Who would have ever guessed a casual stay at your parents house before we departed for Spain would muster up feelings like this inside of me. As I sipped my mimosa the next morning I was just overwhelmed with joy, thinking of the possibilities that summer would bring as I whisked you away to a land of beauty. I constantly can't get you off my mind. And seeing you today has only deepened that feeling deep inside of me. May I call you Sweet Melissa?
From Parker:
For the record:One night when my sweet Melissa was sauced and I was again requested to walk her home in one of the most peaceful cities in all of Spain. I thought I'd play my cards, or at least see what I had against the dealer. We walked, swaying to and fro, the night air was cool and her sun dress flailing in dreamy moon beams escaping from the ever flowing willowy clouds above. There were no stars that night, but I thought if I played this situation right... Along the cobble stone road we walked, and I stopped her. She was gone. I could see it in her eyes. The smell of lavender and lace infused my senses. I dove in head down and eyes closed releasing her arms but drawing in for a kiss when, and when and where I was supposed to be joined her lips to mine, she had withdrawn and I there in drew, and spewing violently and madly was the fermented mishap billowing biliousness from her inner bowels. She hacking and my eyes ever so surprised by the vomit and the rancid odor luring from the ground. She cleaned herself off and picked herself op. I smiled and laughed, a little, only so she couldn't see, because it was cute. I then walked her home, vomit in her hair and all. This was the night that Melissa and I had our missed and near kiss.Do you remember this night, Maddawg?

Needless to say, this email chain is still going between us three. I've laughed so hard I've cried twice already today. Talking to them at random times, especially on slow work days really makes me thankful for the friends I've met along the way...especially these two.

I miss you guys. I sure hope you come and visit soon. There's always a place to stay at Mad Dawg's casa.

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