Monday, March 1, 2010

¡Ah! ¡Los terremotos son no bueno!

8.8 Magnitude earthquake (terremoto en espanol) hits Chile...ya know the country that's currently housing one of my friends, Courtney. Needless to say when I got up at 5:45am for a mere 10K race--okay I wasn't racing but I was going to support Mike and some coworkers--I heard about the earthquake and immediately started to worry about Court. I got ready to head outa the house, checked CNN quickly and realized this monster of a quake shook the earth pretty hard. Mother Nature must be pissed...or it's that time of the month. Either way, the thing looked scary! I called and was able to leave Courtney a message on her cell phone, yet never got a call back. It wasn't after a few tries and an hour or so later that I called her parents and the calls, texts and FB messages piled in to know if Court was okay. My only answer, "I've tried to reach her, it could be hours before we know. Keep positive thoughts and I'll let you know when I hear."

12 phone calls, an omelet and a few hours had passed when I finally got through to her Court tell me she's okay! I talked to her for a few moments so that my nerves would be calmed as well as hers to know that we're all okay here and well, worried as hell about her. I immediately phoned her family and her friend Kit to let them know I got through...they had no such luck at the time. Thankfully, Courtney's parents were also able to get through via skype after a while...all is well, at least for Courtney's safety.
I can't imagine to think what it is like in Chile right now. Some photos I found lead me to believe it's utter craziness.

(photos courtesy of

Check the magnitude of this bad boy...Talk about INTENSE!

I will continue to keep positive thoughts for the people of Chile. Courtney, I couldn't be happier and more thankful that you are okay.

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