Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday : Top US Cities

This week's Top 2: Top 2 Favorite US Cities!

I've visited quite a few cities in the great United States, but so far, my favorites are Nashville and Atlanta!

1). Atlanta {aka: my hometown}
I love this place. It has a great mix of city life, suburbs and everything in between. I've lived here since I was in 2nd grade and consider it home. In fact, I rarely tell people I'm "technically" from Florida. I don't see Mike and I living anywhere else...but if I had to pick somewhere else to move, I'd go with my second favorite city!

1). Nashville
There is just something about Nashville that I love. I can't pin point exactly what it is but every time I go I have a blast! They have great bars, food, people watching (lots of famous folks like Atlanta) and a great music scene (also like the ATL). If I moved here (which I tried to after college) I'd live in the heart of the city or just outside of that in Franklin, TN. I love this place so much that I'm having my bachelorette party here early next year! WOO!

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