Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adios Mi Pouncy....Nos Vemos en Seis Meses

This Friday is going to be a rough one. My pea in a pod is leaving. My Mi Pouncy is leaving me to go to Chile...as in the country of, not so much the pepper or the feeling you get when it's cold outside. My friend, Courtney, told me in early December that she was embarking on a journey of a lifetime. She is packing up and heading down south, way south to Chile to teach the little Chilean children English. She'll be living there for about 6 months, give or take some at that depending on how the adventure goes.

Courtney and I have only been friends for about 2 years now, yet it seems like a lot longer than that. We met through a couple of mutual friends and our first adventure was a trip to Sarasota, Florida to stay at our buddy Maria's parents beach place. It was there that we became friends and well, acted a fool for a solid few days. I knew from then on this girl was going to be a friend of mine. Not to mention she knew my now loving boyfriend and could get me some dirt whenever needed. She has also come in handy on the whole gift giving thing as well for Mike (keep that up Court, you can still send him ideas from Chile right!?).

There have been countless late night extravaganzas, day long gchats about anything and everything a friendship can go through, hysterical texts, facebook updates and pictures a plenty. She's one kick ass chick and she's going to have one kick ass time as she ventures off to grow more in her skin and learn a little bit more about life, friendship and being that independent woman she already is. I have a few favorite memories of Courtney and some photos to go along with it.

Our first photo as friends. Please note the copious amounts of wine in her glass and the sneaky little cast on the hand of mine! HA thanks for helping take care of me both times I've been in a cast/surgery.

A spectacular night...kind of! HA we found these things and used them all night! This night landed us at Opera, where we sat on the wall watching other people bump and grind while we bitched about how much we wanted to go home. Ahh, the memories!

Another lovely one. In fact, probably the best! This is one of our favorites. Halloween 2008. Who doesn't love Jane Fonda and an Oompa Loompa. Thanks C for the lovely make up and degrading pictures you took prior to the night being so awesome. If I do remember correctly, I passed out in the bushes!

All in all, ¡Buena Suerte Courtney! I shall miss you til you come home. But can promise there will many hours on Skype and GChat to keep us close! I also promise that when you get back, Patches will be here waiting for you, braided mane and all.

¡AdiĆ³s Mi Amiga, Nos Vemos en Seis Meses!

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Patsy said...

Aww. This made me happy AND sad. I'm in a glass case of emotions. :(

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